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Pocket Go TalkTM. A wearable AAC device. This 25-message talker features 5 easy-to-activate buttons and 5 levels. Each message has 0 seconds of recording time. Lightweight (7.5 oz.) and small, it’s very portable. Scanning through switch access is built in for tabletop use with five adjustable scanning speeds. Overlays easily slide into the built-in transparent membrane. Latex free. Two AA batteries.
Powerlink 4. This
unit allows switch
users to control up
to two electrical ap-
pliances with single
switches. Six unique
modes of control allow you to define ex- actly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on. Flexible outlets allow custom positioning of one or two appliances, acti- vated independently. LinkableTM wireless technology is designed for use with multiple Big or Jelly Beamer switches. Two switch input jacks. On-board display that lets you set the exact number of minutes or seconds of control.
Ergonomic design is light- weight for portability.
The Pocketalker Ultra. Amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Features a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and ease of use. Finger-tip adjustable volume control al- lows you to quickly adjust to your listening environment—no matter your hearing loss is on low or high frequency sounds. The listening accessory’s jack accommodates a variety of earphone and headphone options. Includes single earbud and headphone as shown.
Talking alarm records up to 5 messages.
Voice Cue. Create verbal reminders whenever they’re needed...with a discreet auditory cueing device. Record up to five messages (60 seconds total recording time) and set the clock to play back mes- sages at pre-set times. Each message can be assigned two playback times. Features a digital clock, volume control and non- volatile memory. Includes a clip-on holder and two AA batteries. Latex free.
Digital Voice
Designed for
and patients
needing more
power for
their voices.
The unidirec-
tional headset
connects to the
amplifier worn
on a waistband belt. Results in good voice quality without howl or background hiss. High storage and long-lasting lithium bat- tery designed for 16 hours of continuous use. Includes headset microphone and audio wire, amplifier, waistband belt, bat- tery charger, all specifications and warranty. 081621234
Assistive Technology
PocketalkerTM. Amplifies sound for
better understanding, and provides clear, high-quality sound. Includes a sensitive microphone that can be placed close to
the sound source to minimize background noise, a compact amplifier with volume control, belt clip case, batteries, TV listening cord with microphone clips, system carry case and single mini earphone. 35/8”L x 23/8”W x 7/8”H. The optional surround earphone features an ear clip for added convenience. Latex free.
557234 Pocketalker
6-Level Communicator with Jacks. This affordable communicator has the recording capacity for 48 5-second messages (8 messages on 6 levels). Interchangeable picture cards slide behind the switchplate face. Activate each message by either plugging in external switches into the 8 jacks (1/8”) on the sides of the communicator or by pressing one of the 2” squares. A switch on the back allows you to select the set of pre- recorded messages for each picture plate. Excellent as a communication device or teaching tool. Latex free. 4136

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