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Dry Erase Communication Board and Pens. The perfect com- plete dry erase kit. This set includes all you need—a fine-point dry erase pen, 2” x 2” eraser and double-sided dry erase board. One side of the dry erase board is lined, the other is a blank canvas. 081621614 Communication Board, Eraser and Pen
081621622 Set of 4 replacement assorted color pens
Multi-Language Communication Cards.
Provides a means of communication to individuals unable to effectively verbalize their needs. Used to increase vocabulary and teach picture symbol identification to individuals with
learning disabilities. Cards are in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish as an 81/2” x 11” spiral-bound book with 5 heavy- stock, laminated cards with 9 images each.
The Critical
CommunicatorTM - English.
Package of 25. Helps meet man-
dated communication guidelines.
Extremely helpful for staff and
family interactions with all
clients. Assists those who have
difficulty communicating, even
basic needs, on a temporary
basis. Includes a pain scale,
words and pictures for now (im-
mediate attention such as hard
to breathe), pain (ache, burning,
sharp), comfort (head up/down), people (husband, wife, doctor), alphabet, numbers and days of week. Inexpensive, disposable. Boldly printed on heavy card stock. Four-page, 81/2” x 11” menu format. 081503812
VisiBoard Picture
Communication Board.
50 sheets per pad. Useful for
temporary or long-term use
in hospital, long-term care
settings and home health.
Conveniently sized (81/2” x
11”), two-sided picture com-
munication sheet presents
basic concepts in a clear, quick-
to-locate format. Inexpensive to use for individuals with aphasia, dysarthria, ventilator dependence and neurological disorders. 081503788
Aging and Communication,
2nd Edition. By Mary Ann
Toner, Barbara B. Shadden and
Michael B. Gluth. Provides a
discussion of life-span aspects
of communication behavior,
disorders and interventions.
Written in a reader-friendly
format, it highlights clinically
relevant information about the
effects of primary, secondary
and tertiary aging as it relates
to hearing, speech/voice, swal-
lowing, cognition and language.
Information includes: normal
aging; disorders that occur frequently in the elderly population; social, psychological and environmental factors that influence functioning; evidence-based assessment; intervention strategies; relevant reimbursement issues; and the interdisciplinary challenges of understanding communication and aging. The book challenges the reader to examine personal attitudes regarding aging and provides suggestions for interaction with the elderly. It also covers end-of-life legal issues, counseling and hospice care. 364 pages, softcover.
Catalyst Cards.
By Susan Brubaker,
Carolyn Doty and
Lisa Mammoser.
These color-coded decks
of cards support and en-
courage conversational
interaction with engaging, thought-provoking questions for adults and adolescents at all levels of ability. The cards are divided by re- sponses: non-verbal answers, word plus, sentence plus and longer responses. They are adaptable for sequencing, short-term memory, flexibility, problem solving, planning/organizing and creative thinking. Large print; two-sided lamination. Includes 320 cards (31/8” x 37/8”), 5 dividers, Suggestions Guide and a storage box. 081603109

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