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Speech Mirrors & Easels
Clamp-On Therapy Mirror.
Practical for practicing speech therapy and oral motor ex- ercises. Mirrors easily and conveniently clamps on to table tops, bedrails and other surfaces up to 1” thick. The shatterproof mirror is 8” x 12” and mounted on a 12” long, flexible metal “gooseneck” for easy positioning.
Speech-Teach Portable Mirror. Shatterproof non- glass mirror is self-contained in a convenient vinyl-coated cover that opens to form an angled stand. Patient can observe self and therapist si- multaneously. Measures 12” x 16”. Latex free.
Speech Therapy Dual
Mirror. Shatterproof acrylic
mirror has two sides: One side
has a large mirror that can
be used for looking at the entire face while practicing speaking, and the other side has a small mirror that allows for concentration on the mouth area only with no distractions. Hinge allows mirror to be positioned at any angle needed. Latex free.
Prop-it 10-in-1 Table Top
Easel. This lightweight portable
kit contains the essential tools
needed by the entire spectrum
of rehab specialists. The easel
includes: a 16” x 22” white felt
surface mounted to the face,
16” x 22” free-standing mirror
with a magnetic dry erase
surface on the back, dry-erase
marker, felt eraser and 21” x
28” nylon carrying case. Functions include: mirror, display board, storage rack, magnet board, dry erase board, a big book easel, art easel and flannel board.
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Voice Images. Package of
10 cards. Warm-up exercises
and a mirror combo help
clients get a good start with
therapy sessions. Maximize
the time spent with clients
and encourage independent
practice outside of therapy
by individualizing the number
of repetitions for each ex-
ercise, number of practice
sessions per day and length
of practice session. Twelve
basic warm-up exercises (il-
lustrated and described around the mirror) target relaxation, correct breath support and control. Each package includes a master chart to copy graph progress. Suggestions for use and additional exercises are also provided.
Two-Panel Folding Mirror. Hinged at the middle, this two-section mirror can be used on the tabletop, making it ideal for speech therapy or individual use. Can be spread flat on floor for prone mat activities or folded flat for storage. Each shatterproof, acrylic mirror panel measures 191/4”H x 16”W. Latex free.
Prop-it Speech
Therapist’s Tool Kit.
Travel-size pack (91/2”
x 12” x 1”) contains a
collapsible stand that
supports mirror, magnet
board, assessment
manuals, large cards and
papers. 73/4” x 103/4” free-
standing, non-breakable
mirror has a magnet on
the back to attach to steel
surfaces. Magnet board has a dry-erase writing surface, and kit also includes black dry erase marker and felt eraser in a durable, clear vinyl travel bag.

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