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Tools & Books
Lessons for the Right Brain - 2nd Edition, 4-Volume Set. Series of four workbooks gives those with right-brain injuries the ability to stimulate useful skills. Workbooks are designed for at-home use, either independently or with a therapist, and have been revised to help users focus atten- tion and concentration and improve visual perception. This edition has larger print for easy reading, an answer section and many newly added exercises. Softcover. 081703941
The Source for Dysphagia - 3rd Edition. Containing “need-to-know” information that can be used by clinicians every day, this best- selling book is a great resource that gives the reader an evi- dence-based, working knowledge of the evaluation and treat- ment of dysphagia.
It also includes tools
to organize dysphagia services, as well as a CD of an additional 139 printable pages of therapy materials. Ages: adult. Softcover. 081703917
The Source for
Dysarthria - 2nd
Edition. Organized
around a perceptual
framework to help
make decisions about
diagnosis and treat-
ment. The information
helps you understand
the interrelationships
among respiration,
phonation, reso-
nance, articulation
and prosody, then
determine possible
causes for the observed symptoms; and incorporate long-term goals of intelligibility, comprehensibility, efficiency and naturalness. Updates include the latest information on: oral-motor exercises, instrumenta- tion; measuring outcomes of intelligibility, comprehensibility and efficiency; treatment activities for comprehensibility and efficiency, coding and billing for treatment and dysarthria in children. Also includes a CD with 120 printable pages of hands-on therapy tools. Ages: birth to adult. Softcover, 168 pages.
The Source for Safety: Cognitive Retraining for Independent Living. Use this book as the first evaluation tool AND therapy manual to address patient safety issues from a cogni- tive framework. Use it to retrain adults
to recognize, reason
and problem solve
for safety concerns in
the hospital, at home and in the community. Safety awareness and independence are addressed for bedroom and bathroom, wheelchairs, swallowing and diet and more. The 16-page evaluation questions challenging real-life situations to consider and solve. SLPs and other therapists working in any level of medical care and in any setting will find content to help identify and resolve their clients’ safety concerns. Includes CD with printable activity pages. Ages: adult. Softcover, 176 pages.

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