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(LARK) Language Activity Resource Kit. A portable kit full of stimulus materials designed specifically for itinerant speech- language professionals. You’ll have everything you need to help treat adults with aphasia and other language deficits resulting from brain trauma or neurological disorders. The materials allow you to draw on various approaches, methods, and techniques to restore the patient’s ability to communicate effectively. This kit includes 22 common objects, two-sided illustrated cards, full- color photograph, and word and phrase cards.
551699 Kit
553477 LARK Manual
Speech Speech Assessment - Aphasia
Examining for Aphasia – 4th
Edition (EFA-4). Assesses
aphasia and the relative impact
of this brain-based language dis-
order on quality of life. Based on
Jon Eisenson’s previous editions,
the EFA-4 has been completely
revised to evaluate the cognitive,
personality and linguistic modifi-
cations that are associated with
acquired aphasia. Emphasizes
detailed examination of word retrieval and lexical-semantic skills in- cluding phonological, semantic and category generative naming.
All new features include: a short form which includes 17 item sets from the Diagnostic Form; Personal History and Diagnostic Summary Forms have been added to facilitate the gathering of the client’s background information and summarizing the results of the EFA-4 testing; normative data—Standard scores and percentile ranks; posi- tive predictive studies indicate the high sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive ability of the EFA-4.
Complete kit includes Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 diag- nostic form examiner record booklets, 25 short-form examiner record booklets; 25 diagnostic form response forms; 25 short-form response forms; 25 diagnostic summary forms; 25 personal history forms and object kit all in a sturdy storage box. Testing Time: 30 to 60 minutes. Ages: 18+
BEST-2 Bedside Evaluation
Screening Test, 2nd Edition. Use to
assess and quantify lan-
guage disorders in adults
resulting from aphasia.
Administer at bedside
(or almost anywhere) in
20 minutes or less. Using
this test, you will obtain
sufficient clinical information
to set treatment goals and objectives. The BEST-2 has been updated and redesigned to provide the busy clinician with an efficient and effective testing instrument for assessing aphasia. Lets you assess language competency in three communicative modalities: Auditory Comprehension, Speaking and Reading. Complete BEST-2 Kit in- cludes Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 record forms and a pad of 25 profile/summary sheets, all in a sturdy storage box.
ADP Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles. A
quick, efficient and systematic assessment
of language and communication impairment
associated with aphasia that should be
administered individually. The test is appro-
priate for adults and can
be administered in 40–45
minutes. It contains 9
brief subtests, and their
results are used to create
composite scores and a
series of 5 valuable pro-
files addressing 5 critical areas of the patient’s performance. Aphasia Classification Profile identifies aphasia type (based on the Boston classification). Aphasia Severity Profile indicates specific strengths and weaknesses. Alternative Communication Profile identifies pa- tient’s strongest response modalities and helps guide therapy. Error Profiles identify the communicative value of a patient’s responses. Behavioral Profile indexes overall emotional state during testing. Complete ADP Kit includes manual, stimulus cards/letter board and 25 record forms all in a carrying case.
Apraxia of Speech Stimulus Library. Basic oromotor exercises; VC, CV words; CVC words; CV, CVC voiceless voiced pairs; words with blends; compound words; words with increasing length; 3- and 4-syllable words; ADL 3-word phrases; ADL carrier phrases and sentences.
Set 1. Basic. 558966
Set 2. Pictorial supplement with same features as Set 1. Illustrated for non-readers.

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