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Landing StripTM
24” x 70”
36” x 70”
Box of 4
Box of 3
Bed Positioning products provide an economical solution to your positioning and safety needs
LacuraTM Angle Rail Pad. Attaches to the side of a bed, acting as a bed rail pad and positioner in one. The L-shaped design eliminates the gap between the mattress and bed rail. A webbing connection, included, allows for easy installation and security. Easy-clean and soft nylon cover. 48”L x 8”W x 12”H. Latex free. 550313
LacuraTM Soft Rail. Acting as a restraint-free bed rail, the rail can be strapped to the bed in any position to prevent rolling. Straps connect securely to a bed frame and eliminate bed rail use for restraint reduction. Can be used in pairs. Easy to clean, super- soft nylon cover. 32”L x 7”W x 8”H. Latex free.
Fall Prevention Bed Safety
Drive Primus 2.0 Fall Mat.
Durable, molded foam/rubber construction delivers reliable cushioning sup- port. Low profile and beveled edges offer easy access and reduce tripping hazards while the non-skid bottom keeps mat in place. Textured vinyl cover is long lasting, slip- and fluid-resistant. 70”W x 24”D x 3/4”H.
081678556 Grey 081678564 Brown
Landing StripTM. This effective, innovative floor mat is unusually thin, surprisingly firm, and has protected countless nursing home residents from fall-related injuries. Made of ultra high-density core foams with a heavy- duty vinyl cover, bonded together to provide greater impact distribution. The combination of unique materials, construction and commitment to quality separates this mat from similar products.
The mat is 1” thick with tapered-to-the-floor edging that prevents rip- ping and permits carts, chairs, beds and tables to roll over it easily. Helps transfer the force of a falling patient into and across the surface. Non-slip vinyl base prevents slipping away from the bedside. Sealed construction. Wipes clean to protect appearance and performance. Free shipping.
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