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Rolyan® 10’ Long Body Pillow. Total relaxation can be achieved using this body pillow while sleeping, or in an upright posi- tion while watching TV or reading. Ideal
for pregnant women because it supports both the back and the abdomen simultane- ously. The 10’ pillow contours to the body’s shape to relieve pressure areas causing less need for tossing and turning. Spun poly- ester filling. Comes with removable, white cover. Latex free.
563017 Body Pillow Cover
Rolyan® Sheepskin-Covered Positioning Bolster. Get optimal posi- tioning with this sheepskin-covered 8” x 24” bolster. High quality, high-density foam is ideal for multipurpose use. Latex free. 927239
Rolyan® Bed Wedge. Foam positioning bed wedge can be beneficial for positioning patients who have difficulty breathing when lying flat. Elevates and supports the upper body in an elevated position. Includes hand washable vinyl cover. 24” x 24”. Available in three rises. Latex free. Available in
pairs to reduce shipping costs of each.
081603281 Replacement Cover 7” Rise, 16° Angle 081603299 Replacement Cover 10” Rise, 23° Angle 081603307 Replacement Cover 12” Rise, 27° Angle
for patients who
have difficulty
breathing or suffer from other respiratory problems. Multicontoured foam edge offers proper sitting support or elevates and sup- ports the upper body and back. Washable cover over nonallergenic foam. 22” x 24”. Product now offered in pairs to reduce ship- ping cost of each. Latex free.
081572221   Positioning Wedge, pair 6192   Positioning Wedge with Cover 619201 Extra Cover
Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Folding Bed Wedge. When folded, this multipurpose wedge is an 8”H x 12” x 24” block that can be used to offload the heels or posi- tion the legs to decrease lower back pain. Unfolded it is a 7”H x 24” x 24” wedge for positioning the head and upper torso when anti-reflux, sleep apnea, snoring or excess lung fluid is present. Folding features also make the wedge easy to transport, ship or store. Removable, washable cover. 081599430
Single Unit
7” Rise, 16° Angle
10” Rise, 23° Angle
12” Rise, 27° Angle
Fall Prevention
Bed Positioning
Contour Products® BackMax.
Complete back support system
converts to any position to deliver
ultimate comfort and support for back, hips, legs and feet. Unique, zippered design provides numerous positions, and relaxes your body in weightless comfort, placing it in a 120 degree, angled, “aero- stress zone”, the most relaxed position for your heart, body and nervous system. Can be used in bed or on the floor, and is perfect for watching television and reading. Constructed of medical grade, high- quality support foam. Includes removable, washable cover. 081716398 20”
081716406 28”
Tear Drop Pillow. This
pillow supports side sleepers
and helps stomach sleepers
switch to sleeping on their
side. While adjusting to
the new position, former
stomach sleepers still get
stomach pressure, warmth
and support. The generous
length of the teardrop pillow can be used a leg spacer and torso support. Viscoelastic memory foam, zippered blue velour cover. Latex free.
55469902 7” x 11” x 28” Blue
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