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Bed Positioning
Fall Prevention
Rolyan® Positioning Wedge.
Soft foam support is used to help maintain a person in the side-lying position, replacing the need for rolled towels or pillows. Smooth, water- resistant cover and nonskid bottom. 081570308 Small, Pair, 7” x 12” x
081570316 Large, Each, 7” x 12” x
Rolyan® Body Positioner. Semi-soft foam support placed under back supports the spine as person lies on side, reducing pres- sure on the sacrum. 8” x 10” x 28” (20 x 25 x 71 cm). Latex free.
081510643 Vinyl-Coated Wedge
Rolyan® Six Pack Body Positioners. Soft foam support. Used for trunk stabilization to position side-lying or under thighs. 8” x 10” x 28”. Latex free.
Skil-CareTM Half
Round Knee
Support. Decreases
leg and lower back
pain. Elevates the
legs to relax the spine. Covered in durable, wipe-clean vinyl. Helps improve circulation and reduce back pain. Foam padded for comfort. Available in two half round styles and a Bariatric version, which has an 800 lb. weight limit.
081570548   Bariatric, 7”H x 26”L 081510635 5”H x 17”L
554640 7”H x 14”L
Skil-CareTM In-Bed
Patient Positioning
System. Makes
turning easier and po-
sitioning more secure.
Two wedged bolsters
support the side-lying
patient. Hook and loop
strips on the bolsters
hold the positioning
pad in place. The
included, launderable,
3-layer positioning pad absorbs and wicks away moisture caused by incontinence, perspiration, or wound drainage. A moisture-proof bar- rier protects the linens, mattress and bed. Replacement TLC Pad sold separately. Latex free.
920547 TLC Pad
SnuggleFoam Pillows. 100% viscoelastic premium memory foam. They respond to your body heat con- forming to your unique body shape creating a custom-fit
pillow every time you go to sleep. An excellent choice to help alleviate tension headaches, neck muscle and joint sprains and strains, ligament sprains and arthritis discomforts. Includes a removable soft, plush poly- ester/cotton blend pillowcase, which is machine washable. Pillows can be wiped off with a damp cloth and air dry. Latex free.
SnuggleFoam Cervical Memory Pillow. 19” x 14” (48 cm x 36 cm) surface lends added comfort, while two neck lobes – 4” and 5” high – allow you to further customize your level of support. 56069803
SnuggleFoam Body Memory Pillow. 16” x 16” x 36” size pro- vides side-sleepers and expecting mothers custom comfort and support. 560695
SnuggleFoam Travel Memory Pillow. Provides comfort for your special sleeping or resting needs. This unique “U”-shaped pillow al- lows you to sleep as well when traveling as you do at home. Can be used with the lobes down for support while seated, or with the lobes up or down for support while lying down. Compact size for easy trans- port. 12” x 11” x 3”.
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