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Bed Positioning
Fall Prevention
LacuraTM Body Bolster. Designed to properly posi- tion residents on their side, providing support and comfort without taking away trunk support, proper spine alignment, and pressure relief. Easy-to-clean, heavy-duty nylon cover. 32” x 17” x 12”. Latex free. 550317
LacuraTM Foot Block. Designed to provide users with a comfortable foot support that can be used with all patient beds. The adductor sides help with foot stabilization, and the medium-density foam pro- vides additional comfort. Users’ heels are allowed
to hang off the edge of the foot block, eliminating pressure on the heel and allowing for better leg alignment. Features medium-density foam, durable corner securing straps and soft touch nylon. One size fits all. Measures 28” x 8” x 8”. Latex free. 560890
LacuraTM Bed Wedges. Provides an economical solution to your positioning and safety needs. The Bed Wedge is used to elevate the upper extremity for patients with excessive lung fluid and used for lower extremity positioning to increase circulation. Easy-to-clean nylon cover. Latex free.
Item No.
18” x 20” x 30”
14” x 20” x 30”
10” x 20” x 30”
6” x 20” x 30”
Rolyan® Heel
Positioner. Provides
comfortable positioning/
elevation of the lower legs and feet.
Provides proper positioning to help relieve back stress
and pain. It also offers a simple way to off-load the heel area.
Convoluted foam surface. Smooth, water-resistant cover and skid-resistant bottom. Zipper cover removes for easy laundering.
081570282 24” x 11” x 5” x 3.5”
081570290 24” x 16” x 7” x 5.5”
Heels-Off with Gel Pad
Skil-CareTM Heels-Off. Prevents formation of pressure sores, aids in healing existing ulcer and relaxes the spine. Also decreases leg and lower back pain, and improves lower-extremity circulation, which is important for pressure ulcer prevention and healing. Convoluted foam surface contours to position and stabilizes the legs. A surface layer of gel provides better pressure distribution and therapeutic cooling for the lower leg. Foam is covered in a wipe-clean, low-shear fabric that reduces skin- damaging friction. Latex free. Bariatric version has an 800 lb. weight capacity. 081570530   Bariatric Heels-Off
081510791 Heels-Off with Gel Pad, 24” x 11” x 6” 081510809 Heels-Off with Gel Pad, 24” x 16” x 7” 563018 Heels-Off, 24” x 11” x 6”
560848 Heels-Off, 24” x 16” x 7”
HeelZup® Cloud Heel
Suspension Cushions.
Advanced design maximizes
comfort in both the supine
and 30-degree, side-lying
position. Supports the entire
leg on a plush bed of poly
fiber and viscoelastic memory foam. Provides a high level of comfort in the supine and side-lying positions. Illustrated instructions printed on the cover provide staff education on proper use and positioning. Use for heel pressure off-loading and general leg elevation to improve circulation and reduce swelling of the lower
legs and feet. No-slip fabric on the bottom prevents cushion from shifting in bed. Available in three sizes for different height ranges. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. 081585959 Small 5’4” and under
081585967 Medium 5’5” to 5’10”
081585975 Large 5’11” and over
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