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Padded strap and forearm loops allow for independent positioning of the leg
Sammons Preston® Triple-Loop Resting Leg Lifter. Three evenly spaced 6” loops for easy, forearm-assisted positioning of leg. Loop features adjustable hook and loop closure to ac- commodate thigh sizes up to 22”. Easy-grasp D-ring. Durable gray nylon taffeta with heavy-duty stitching. Latex free.
Fall Prevention
Leg Lifters
Sammons Preston® Multi Loop Leg Lifter. Range-of- motion strap with multiple loops allows clients to inde- pendently perform self ROM of their lower extremities. The multiple loop system can be used with one or two hands at various lengths. Each loop measures 12” long (5 loops total).
Sammons Preston® Thigh Lifter. For independent repo- sitioning of the leg. Double-stitched grey nylon taffeta loop with hook and loop closure adjusts to thigh sizes up to 22”. Helpful D-ring closure. Latex free.
Leg Wrap Positioning Aid. Ideal for people who have limited or no use of their legs. Attaches to the user in three places, creating upper and lower handles that can be used to safely reposition the leg and eliminate the need to grab clothing. 081530906
SafetySure® Leg Up.
Ideal for individuals
who have trouble
lifting their leg(s) in
and out of bed or
helps to place your
leg on the footplate
of a wheelchair. The
center portion has
an aluminum insert
that keeps the Leg Up
stable and provides
added leverage when placing the end loop over the foot. The foot loop of the Leg Up is designed to remain open without the use of a metal insert that could injure the instep of your foot. Made of nylon webbing. 42” L.
The Cast HandleTM increases mobility and independence
The Cast HandleTM.
Adjustable 22” thigh loop and 16” calf loop fasten with hook and loop clo- sures. May also be used with braces. Machine washable. Latex free. 5084
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