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Sammons Preston® Bed Assist Device. The user can roll to either
side, slide up or down holding the flex- ible, nylon rope grip handles. Ideal for residences, nursing homes or hospitals
to assist the elderly, stroke patients and people with paralysis. The device helps clients to move themselves in and out of bed or change positions easily. The inde- pendent movement helps avoid bed sores. The flexibility of grip handles ensures the device will stay at the patient’s fingertips. 081504083
See Transfer Handle (Item A7114) on page 799.
See pages 797-804 for additional Bed Transfer Handles.
Fall Prevention
Bed Mobility
SafetySure® Bed Pull-Up. Helps individuals to pull themselves up in bed. Made of durable cotton webbing with cushioned handles. When used in conjunction with the Transfer Handle (Item A7114), the Pull-Up makes getting into and out of bed easier and safer. Machine washable. 64”L x 4”W. Includes eight hand grips. Weighs 1 lb.
Sammons Preston® Bed Pull-Up. Ladder pull-up has four 12” rungs spaced for easy hand/arm placement so that client can pull himself up from bed. 85” long webbing fits around bed frame. Hook and loop wrap reinforces the buckle that attaches webbing to ladder. 200-lb. weight capacity. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Bed Pull. An assistive device for spinal cord injury patients to get in and out of bed. It goes under and over the mattress so patients can position themselves independently. Made of hook & loop webbing. Latex free.
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