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Transfer Assists
Fall Prevention
Patient Mover. This semi-flexible
platform is constructed of 1/4” thick,
high- density, moistureproof white 22” polyethylene. Which makes it radio
translucent and appropriate for use
in X-Ray examination. Hand holes
are placed all the way around it to
allow one or more people to safely
reposition individuals back and forth
from a stretcher to bed to table.
Weight limit for Standard: 300 lbs.,
Bariatric: 450 lbs. Latex free.
926993 Standard 22”W x 72”L 72”
552636   Bariatric 32”W x 72”L
Deluxe Patient Mover with Head Pad.
The bullet shape offers more useable surface for foot and ankle support. Made of semi- flexible 1/4” high-density, moistureproof white polyethylene. The mover is radio translucent so that it does not need to be removed during X-ray examination. The 9”W x 5”H head/neck pillow attaches with hook & loop straps and can be moved up and down with the position of the patient. The pillow can be removed
to use slots to secure a neck immobilization device (not included). Caregivers appreciate enlarged hand holes which accommodate up to six people. Slots can be used to hang the board on the wall.
081543479 Standard: 22”W x 72”L, weight capacity 300 lbs.
081543487 Bariatric: 32”W x 72”L, weight capacity 450 lbs.
081543339 Replacement Head/Neck Pillow
MTS SafetySure® TransferEaseTM Patient Mover.
Slides easily on a bed sheet or stretcher pad. Slippery coating protects the patient from sticking to the shifter. Thin, warp-resistant, smooth polyethylene board
has built-in handles for convenient positioning.
Uneven transfers are effort free as the semi-
rigid shifter bridges uneven gaps. Benefits of
the Shifter include: reduces stress and strain on caregiver; easily bridges uneven gaps; polyethylene is warp resistant. 400 lbs. weight capacity. 565382 18” x 72”, Aqua
565383 22” x 72”, Aqua 081539527 22” x 72”, White
Half Shifter. Ideal
for those with epidural catheters or spinal anes- thesia lines. Positioning is simplified with six built-in hand holes, which also serve as a hanging hole. 0.08” thick. 23”W x 31”H. MRI safe. 562000
Bariatric Shifter. For lateral transfers of patients who weigh
up to 600 lbs. Reduces caretaker back strain by minimizing friction on transfer surfaces. Elongated shape brings handles to ergo- nomically correct position. Flexible plastic is great for uneven surfaces. Recommended to use one care- taker per 100 lbs. 28”W x 72”L x 3/16” thick. Purple.
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