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Oneway Glide. Anti-Slip “glide-lock” technology on the inside makes it very difficult for patients to slump or scoot out of their seat when arrows are placed facing the front of the chair. Soft outer material is breathable and comfortable. Can be used in combina on with a wheelchair cushion or alone. No attachment to chair is necessary.
Love Lift. Helps patients slide to the back of a chair. If the user goes too far off the device, the caregiver can lift the patients legs higher than back, which will allow the resident to slide to the back of the lift. The lift is then moved into the back of chair, and positioning can be adjusted as needed. The Love Lift helps decrease internal shearing to
the buttocks, and encourages proper transfer techniques. It also promotes two-person assists to decrease the risk of workman compensation cases. 081504091
Fall Prevention
Transfer Assists
SafetySure® Sit-Rite One Way Slide.
The smooth inner surface allows for easy one-way movement that makes reposi- tioning simple and reduces strain on the caregiver’s back. The outside is covered with a nonslip fabric that helps the patient maintain proper seating posture by re- ducing forward movement. Measures 20”L x 16.5”W x .125”H.
SafetySure® Mary’s Aid. Provides caregivers with a secure hold and control
of the patient during the transfer process and reduces caregiver back strain. Made of woven nylon with hook & loop closures and shaped like an undergarment, that is worn over the patients clothing. During transfers, the sling stays securely in place without binding or riding up. A hand grip on the backside can be used during ambulation. Machine wash and dry or wipe clean. One size fits most adults. Weight capacity 400 lbs. Latex free.
SafetySure® MovEaseTM Underpad.
The ideal product for individuals who need to be repositioned and have incontinence issues.The MovEase Underpad can also be placed on a wheelchair, armchair or sofa. Four nylon handles, two on each side of the underpad, assist the caregiver in turning, boosting and repositioning. The handles are recessed to reduce the possibility of entrap- ment. The underpad 100% waterproof, machine washable and can be placed in the dryer on low heat. Do not bleach, iron or use fabric softeners.
081539469 34” x 36” 081539493 35” x 55”
Transfer Sling and Gait Belt. Combines a transfer belt with a sling. Gently supports behind back and under knees to form a sling. Can be used as one or two person lift. Appropriate for sit-pivot transfers. Supports up to 500 lb.
(Design courtesy of Stuart Fife, PT.)
A79470 Small/Medium (fits small/medium men and women)
A79471 Medium/Large (fits most large men and women)
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