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Transfer Assists
Fall Prevention
Sammons Preston® Padded Gait
Belt. The inside of this gait belt is
lined with a soft, breathable fabric
for a more comfortable fit. There are
four loop handles that are spaced
around the 5.5” wide belt. They are
color-coded for quick identification in
the rehab department. The belts come
with a side release buckle and hook & loop to secure the strap in place. 552896 Small, Blue 24”–30”
552895 Medium, Green 28”–48” 552894 Large, Black, 40”–64”
SafetySure® Universal Thigh Strap.
Keeps gait/transfer belts from riding up during the transfer process. The thigh strap is lined with soft felt material for comfort. The plastic buckle is used to ad- just the length of the thigh strap and hold it securely in place. Can be used with any style gait/transfer belt. 1.5”W x 66”L. Weight capacity 300 lbs.
Fall Prevention Mat. The high-tack top surface is comfortable to stand or walk on. Made of Dycem® nonslip polymer material, the base holds itself to the floor and provides shock absorption. At 3/32”, this low profile mat clears most doors. Helps to prevent falls when transferring or standing. Easy clean with a damp mop and dry with a squeegee. Measures 24”L x 18”W. Latex free.
Patient Handling Sling. Convenient hand slots make this lightweight sling easy to use. Diagrammed technique/ instruction brochure included. Measures 20.5”L x 8.25”W. Green sling weighs less than 1 lb. Latex free. Weight ca- pacity 300 lbs.
Patient Slide. Makes the process of sliding a person to the back of a seat easier and safer for both the patient and caregiver. Reduces the risk of bruising and injury caused by grabbing the individual or his/her clothing.
SafetySure® Transfer Sling. Made of sturdy woven cotton fabric with a soft, anti-slip material on the user side. The caregiver has four ergonomically designed handles – two at each end for optimum grasp patterns. Caregiver may also wear the SafetySure® Transfer Belt, so user has a se- cure place to hold onto and minimize stress on the caregiver’s back. 19”W x 18”L sling. 6641
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