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Swivel Cushions & Discs
Fall Prevention
Sammons Preston® Transfer Disc. Both base and turntable are covered with a non-slip grooved material for patient safety. 330-lb. weight limit.
926907 12” diameter
AA8864 15” diameter
Sammons Preston® Soft Transfer Swivel. Flexible cushion conforms to the shape of the seat. The cushion is made of a soft, breathable material on top, and an anti-slip material on the bottom. Measures 15.5” in diameter and 5/8” thick to support up to 350 lbs. 552893
Swivel Seat. Ideal cushion for getting around—lightweight, por- table and swivels 360°. Polyfoam padded cushion for added comfort; comes with a washable cover. Cushion is 15” in diameter and 13/8” thick. Weight capacity 300 pounds. Available in Black and Blue. 081567239 Blue Velour
081567247 Black Velour
Plastic Flexible Swivel Seat Cushion. This 13/4” thick foam swivel cushion rotates 360°, enabling the user to turn in any direction with ease. The flexible base, with ball bearing mechanism, allows it to conform to most sur- faces and turn smoothly without binding. 15” diameter and is ma- chine washable. 250-lb. weight limit.
552907 Gray
SafetySure® Pivot Disc. Makes pivot transfers safer and easier and reduces back strain on care- givers. New rubberized nonslip surface on top and bottom provides secure grip on any sur- face. Weight capacity 400 lbs.
6642 13” Diameter 552618 15” Diameter
562723 18” Diameter
Swivel Cushion.
Reduces the hassle of getting in and out of cars and provides all of the benefits of a ring cushion. Nonskid base prevents cushion from moving out of place. Made of firm yet com- fortable molded foam that raises seat 2”. Removable, washable cover. Weight capacity 300 lbs.
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