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DaysTM Orbi-Turn. Designed for caregivers to facilitate standing and seat- to-seat transfers while minimizing the
risk of injury to themselves and the patient. Allows a client with moderate upper and lower limb strength to participate in func- tional transfers and ensure good working posture for therapists. The turntable effortlessly rotates through 360° for repositioning in even the most confined spaces. Nonslip footprints provide secure foot placement and show clients where to position feet. Features include:
• Overall height adjustment of 32” to 52” accommodates variety of patients
• Height-adjustable and angled kneepad results in normal bio- mechanical hip and knee movement
• Height-adjustable hand bar suits a range of clients
• Thigh pad gives the patient a secure, supportive contact
point for increased stability and comfort during transfers.
• Easy-to-operate foot brake prevents rotation and overcom-
pensating on balance during sit-to-stand movement.
Two rear casters provide easy transport from client to client. Front-mounted sprung caster assists in positioning of the Orbi-Turn once the client’s feet are in place. Folds flat for easy portability and storage. Steel frame ensures durability and strength. Weighs 15kg.
Lowest Position
Highest Position
Bottom Handle
Top Handle
Knee Pad (mid-point)
Maximum User Weight
420 lbs.
Fall Prevention
Transfer Assists
E-Z Turn II Transfer Disk. Can be positioned in front of the person to be transferred. Built-in wheels make the E-Z Turn portable and maneuverable. The vertical sup- port bar is adjustable, allowing correct user height. With knees centrally positioned on the supporting knee pads, patients grip the lower handle bar and raise themselves to an upright position. The brakes lock on and re-
lease–no need for the caregiver
to keep a foot on the brake.
Now both feet are kept firmly on
the floor during transfers. The
knee pads pivot and are adjust-
able to three settings for width
between the knees. Upper and
lower hand grips are padded for
a more secure, comfortable grip.
Disk measures 16” in diameter.
Weight capacity 300 lbs.
16” Diameter
Etac® Turner Transfer Aid. Only the height of the handle and the knee brace need adjusting. Handle adjusts from 401/2” to 50” and the platform disk is 17” in diameter. The knockdown function allows the Turner to be folded easily for storage and transport. Weight capacity 330 lbs.
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