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Speci cations Base Clearance Base Width Boom
Capacity Casters
Open 40.2”. Closed 4.5” Max 81.1”H. Min 26.2”H 400 lbs.
Front 3”. Rear 4”
Stand Assist
500 lb. Lift (Extra Control Box & Battery)
600 lb. Lift
600 lb. Lift (Extra Control Box & Battery)
Stand Assist Padded Slings
Small (400 lb.)
Medium (400 lb.)
Large (400 lb.)
X-Large (600 lb.)
Buttocks Support Strap
Standard for 400 lb. Stand Assist
X-Large for 600 lb. Stand Assist
Speci cations Maximum Safe Load Capacity Boom
Base Width Closed Base Width Open Base Clearance Overall Length Quick Release Casters Front
400 lbs.
Max. height 68”/ Min. height 33” 26”
4.5”H 40” No Dual
500 lbs.
Max. height 68”/ Min. height 33” 25.5”
4.5”H 40” Yes Dual
600 lbs.
Max. height 68”/ Min. height 33” 25.5”
4.5”H 40” Yes Dual
Fall Prevention Patient Lifts & Slings
Drive Stand Assist Lift. Provides stable assistance for standing, transferring and toileting. Four
sling attachment points enable the lift to accommodate a variety of stand-up sling designs. Extra-wide, nonskid footplate provides a stable base for foot positioning. Soft, padded adjustable leg support includes a support strap to secure legs. Easy-roll 4” casters result in stability and easy maneuverability over a variety of surfaces. An under-bed clearance of 4.5” provides access under most long term care beds. The 24V DC motor has an emergency stop button and manual lowering feature. Battery recharges quickly, is removable to eliminate lift downtime, and has an indicator for power status while in use. Audible tones indicate when charge is complete or battery power goes lower than 50 percent.
081597996 Stand Assist Lift 081598002 Stand Up Sling, SM/MD 081598010 Stand Up Sling, LG/XL 081598036 Transfer Sling, SM/MD
Alliance Stand Assist Lift. These sit-to-stand patient lifts are a smart solution for patinet transfers between bed, chair or commode. The lift reduces injury risk associated with outdated manual patient lifting practices. They are competitively priced and combined with a unique design, the
Stand Assist provides a new level of comfort and safety.
Features include:
• Low 4.5” base height fits under newer lower-clearance beds
• U-Shaped Boom with 6-point sling attachment
• Unique foot pedal base opening for easy wheelchair/commode access • Fully adjustable knee pad
• Removable foot platform
• Performance Plus Control System (Control Box and Battery)
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