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Patient Lifts & Slings Fall Prevention
Harness sold separately
Ultra-Move Standing Aid with Adjustable Base. An ideal transfer/transport device for patients who require minimal assistance. Patients simply step onto the footplate and elevate into a standing position either on their own or with some caregiver assistance. The seat pads are then quickly swivelled into place so the patient can
be comfortably seated and easily moved to the desired location. Perfect for post-op patients who require early ambulation, but may be unsteady due to lingering anesthetic, medication or pain. Features include a seat angle, knee pad and adjustable base. Outer width: 24”–42”. Inner width, Legs: 20”–38”. Floor to footplate: 2.8”. Casters: 3”. Weight capacity: 375 lbs.
960176     Ultra-Move
081450642 Ultra-Move Harness
BestMoveTM Standing Transfer Aids.
A perfect blend of form and function
for patient transfers and an ideal choice for any fall prevention program. Overall height: 43.2”. Minimum seat height: 26”. Maximum seat height: 33.5”. Maximum kneepad height: 21”. Horizontal handlebar width: 20”.
Alliance Stand Aid-450-lb. Capacity
• Dual shin pads for extra support
Alliance Stand Aid-400 lb. capacity
• Shin brace for secure transports
565097 Stand Assist Sling
Prism Medical Sit-to-Stand Lift. Smooth, versatile de-
sign is intended for patients who can participate actively in the transfer. Once in a standing position, transfer to a wheelchair or commode is easy and provides valuable standing training for the pa- tient. A wide range of adjustments to leg supports and the lifting bar facilitate patient comfort and support, as well as enable caregivers to adapt the transfer for pain sensitive patients or patients paralyzed on one side, with no need for additional equipment or separate lifts.
• Lightweight aluminum design provides stability and durability
• Integrated charger or optional wall mount charger is available
• Control box comes standard with diagnostic capability and tracking
of lift usage
• Electronics include emergency stop and emergency lowering
• Removable leg support and footrest
• Base width adjusts by a foot pedal release mechanism
• Dual wheel 3” x 3” casters (rear locking) offer maximum control • Mast and base connection assemble without tools
• Locking handles secure components for a solid connection
• Includes additional leg support strap
• 440 lb. weight capacity
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