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Patient Lifts & Slings Fall Prevention
Deluxe Stand Aid Sling
Deluxe Transport Sling
Lift includes Deluxe Stand Aid Sling
Deluxe Stand Aid Sling. This standing sling is suitable for those residents who have a greater degree of weight bearing ability. It allows ex- cellent access for toileting and is easy to fit. Adjustable waist strap and the non-slip back pad ensures the sling will not ride up during the transfer. 562408 Deluxe Stand Aid Sling,
081515972 Deluxe Stand Aid Sling,
Deluxe Transport Sling. The trans- port sling is suitable for those residents with a degree of weight bearing ability. It is easy to fit with adjustable waist strap, allowing quick and effec- tive transfers.
562409 Deluxe Transport Sling, Medium
081515980 Deluxe Transport Sling, Large
Hoyer Elevate. An active lift designed to be both compact and sturdy with its lightweight aluminum construction and safe working load of 440 lbs. The kneepad has been contoured to comfortably steady the patient. The safety belt allows one or both legs to be secured in- dependently of the other. The Elevate features an optional digital weigh scale that provides an intuitive user interface.
081692011   Hoyer Elevate 081692029   Hoyer Elevate with Scale
Hoyer® Journey Sit to Stand
Lift. A portable, folding stand
aid with best-in-class func-
tionality. The ultra-compact,
lightweight design allows
caregivers to maneuver in tight
spaces, and folds quickly for easy storage or trans- portation. Supports a wide range of patient heights and sizes, so your facility requires only one lift to meet the needs of many. The sculpted knee pad can be easily adjusted with one hand for ultimate patient comfort.
081692052   Hoyer® Journey Sit to Stand Lift
Speci cations for 081692052
Casters Front
Casters Rear
External Legs
(open/close) 38.2” / 27.0”
Ground Clearance
Height at Sling Hookup (min/max)
28.4” / 60.2”
Internal Legs
(open/close) 34.5” / 22.2”
Overall Height
(min/max) 44.5” / 63.0”
Overall Length
(min/max) 36.8” / 39.4”
88.6 lbs.
Working Load Capacity
341 lbs.
Mini Lift 200 Thorax Slings. For rising and standing and lifting to and from toilet, Thorax Slings work perfectly with the Mini Lift. Together the lift and sling provide a
very gentle and comfortable, natural movement for sit-to- stand. The slings with seat support are ideal for Bariatric patients.
Thorax Slings 081560408 081560416 081560424 081560432 081560440
Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Thorax Slings with Seat Support 081560457 Small
081560465 Medium 081560473 Large
081560481 X-Large
Mini Lift 200/Stand Up Lifter. A mobile sit-to-stand lift, which together with the specially designed Thorax Sling, enables users with reduced function to rise. The construction allows the user to be moved in a gentle arc, creating the most correct, most comfortable lift for assisted standing. Slings attach to center of the sling bar to hug the user while lifting. Also features an adjustable sling bar. Multiple grip points and low weight of 108 lbs. simplifies moving the lift for the caregiver. Small footprint is ideal for small patient rooms or bathrooms. Powder-coated steel with mechanical and electrical emergency lower. Inner/outer width of base 18.8”–37.2”/23.2”–41.2”. Length of base 39.2”. Height 41.2”. Product weight 108 lbs. User height 56”–80”. Safe working load 440 lbs.
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