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Sensory Motor Gross Motor
Fun, durable rehab/exercise equipment that’s budget-friendly
Pediatric Rehab/Exercise Equipment. Entices kids to get moving in a fun, safe, healthy environment. Perfect for rehab, because the exer- cises are low- or non-impact and the equipment is self-propelled – not motorized. Great way to introduce children to a healthy active lifestyle. Playful and colorful with foam padding covering the sturdy steel frames. Some assembly is required.
Happy Bike. Non-impact stationary bike features tension and seat height adjustment. Electronic monitor features time lapse and auto off after 10 min- utes. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Dimensions: 14"W x 263/4"H x 211/2"L. Seat height: 183/8"–213/4".
125 lb. weight capacity.
Air Walker. Upper and lower body, non- impact movement; non-skid surface for safety. Dimensions: 165/8"W x 311/4"H x 263/4"L. Footplates: 101/2"L x 45/8"W. 125 lb. weight capacity.
Pediatric Treadmill. Non-motorized with electronic monitor features time lapse and auto off after 10 minutes. Automatically scans through each function. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included). Dimensions: 365/8"W x 41"H x 373/8"L. 125 lb. weight capacity.
Sensory Motor
Pediatric Rowing Machine. This multifunction rower builds strength, endurance and coordination. 393/8" x 141/8" x 251/8"H. Weight capacity 100 lbs.
Weight Bench. Allows for three activities; bench press, leg curls and leg lifts. Includes the Adjustable Bench, Bench Press Bar, three pairs of foam weights. Bar weighs approximately 2 lbs. and the weights are 2 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz. for a maximum total of 41/4 lbs. Dimensions: 271/2"W x 365/8"H x 451/4"L. 125 lb. weight capacity. 081525617

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