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Rocking Boat Stair Climber. Placed on its convex side, its a rocking boat with hardwood seats on either end and two safety grab bars in the middle. At 25 lbs., it is light enough for a clini- cian, teacher or caretaker to flip. When placed on its straight edge, it becomes a set of sturdy hardwood stairs. Measures 48"L x 24"W x 111/2"H. 200 lb. weight capacity. Assembly required.
Sensory Motor
Gross Motor/Balance
Spin Disc. Children crave
movement and that's exactly
what they get with this fun,
safe, spinning ride-on toy.
Geared to kids 3 and up, the
16" whirling top surface allows kids to kneel, sit, lie down, and put emphasis on the “tummy zone.” With a 360° rotary input, Spin Disc is great for indoor or outdoor play. Develops fine and gross motor skills. Improves balance and coordination. Adjusts to accommodate all skill levels. Lightweight, portable and easy to store. Weight ca- pacity of 150 lbs. Made in the USA.
Rainbow Barrel. In addition to crawling activities, the tapered ends allow the child to gently rock the Rainbow Barrel while inside for vestibular motion. High-density urethane foam has a durable vinyl covering. Unit measures 42" long with 20" diameter openings. Latex free.
Tumble Forms 2® Barrel Crawl/Roll. By gently rocking the barrel, the therapist can produce a rhythmic movement experience for the child. In time, the child can learn to shift his weight in order to roll the barrel. Inside diameter 12", outside is 22". 250 lb. weight capacity. Sorry, no color choice. Latex free.
Crash Pad. Packed with impact-absorbing foam and covered in rip-stop nylon, the Crash Pad is perfect for motor planning and balance activities. The durable construction stands up to jumping, while the ample foam filling makes the pad super- comfortable for sitting or resting. Wipes clean and disinfects with spray disinfectant. 175 lb. weight capacity.
565670 48"W x 36"D x 24"H 565671 60"W x 60"D x 32"H
Sensory Motor

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