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Tactile Stimulation / Weighted Products
Sensory Motor
Sensory Cuff and Pressure Vest.
Comfortable neoprene with finished edges. Designed with autistic children in mind, the cuff and vest apply constant pressure to aid in sensory stability. The fit is quick and easy to adjust.
Cuff. For use on arms or legs. One hook & loop closure. 565131 Small, 4"W x 10"L
565132 Medium, 5"W x 14"L
565133 Large, 6"W x 18"L
Vest. With four hook & loop closure points — two on sides, two at shoulders.
565128 Small, chest size 21"–24"
565129 Medium, chest size 25"–28"
565130 Large, chest size 29"–32" 081505585 X-Large, chest size 33"–38"
Weighted Lap Pad.
Provides deep pressure
to help children or adults
feel grounded while sit-
ting. Helps to stay focused when seated at their desks and reduces fidgeting when traveling in a car or school bus. The pad is covered in clear, wipe clean vinyl and the water-based gel filling offers calming tactile sensory input. Latex-free.
565441 Hexagon 16" Blue, 7 lbs.
565442 Hexagon 14" Green, 5 lbs.
565443 Hexagon 12" Red, 3 lbs.
081567775 Semi-Circle Red, 11" x 16", 3 lbs. 081567783 Half-Circle Green, 8" x 16", 5 lbs. 081567791 Circle Blue 16", 7 lbs.
081567809 Optional Cover for 081567775
Snug Hug. Soft, discreet and easy to use, it’s a portable pressure wrap for the body that can be used anywhere a child with Autism needs a break. Unlike sensory vests which only apply pressure to the chest area, Snug Hug applies pressure over four areas: shoulders, chest, hips and legs. Straps allow each to be adjusted to desired pressure separately. Wrap: 100% spandex, nitrile rubber. Fleece blanket: 100% poly- ester. Children’s Sizes: Small 4-6; Medium 8-10; Large 12-14; X-Large 16-18. Sensory Solution includes Wrap and Blanket. Blue.
081679653 Sensory Solution, Small 081679661 Sensory Solution, Medium 081679679 Sensory Solution, Large 081679687 Sensory Solution, X-large 081679695 Wrap, Small
081679703 Wrap, Medium
081679711 Wrap, Large 081679729 Wrap, X-Large 081679737 Blanket, Small 081679745 Blanket, Medium 081679752 Blanket, Large 081679760 Blanket, X-Large
Miracle BeltTM and Sensory BeltTM. A pediatric weighted therapy belt that enhances proprioceptive feedback to promote self-calming, balance and increased body awareness. Within minutes, your child will feel more grounded, focused and secure! Using the latest in foam technology, the Miracle Belt and Sensory Belt are the most comfort- able, safe and durable lines of weighted therapy garments.
Bene ts include: increased body awareness, focus, concentration, better balance, coordination, comprehension and learning. At the same time, they dramatically reduce hyperactivity and maximize the benefits of therapy sessions.
Sensory Belt:
• Small: Four-pound belt for children, teens and adults weighing between 75 and 125 pounds. Adjustable from 26" to 36".
• Medium: Five-pound belt for children, teens and adults weighing between 125 and 175 pounds. Adjustable from 30" to 40".
• Large: Six-pound belt for teens & adults weighing 175 pounds and up. Adjustable from 34" to 44".
Miracle Belt:
• Small: One-pound belt for infants weighing between 15 and 25 pounds. Adjustable from 14" to 24".
• Medium: Two-pound belt for children weighing between 25 and 45 pounds. Adjustable from 16" to 26".
• Large: Three-pound belt for children weighing between 45 and 75 pounds. Adjustable from 18" to 28".
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Miracle Belt
Sensory Belt
Sensory Motor

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