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Visual Stimulation
Sensory Motor
Sensory Corner. If you have just discov- ered sensory rooms and want one, consider this! A sensory room usually has three items—a bubble tube, fiber optics and a projector. The Sensory Corner has all this and more! It features the LED Bubble Tube and a soft plinth encompassing the tube: safe plastic mirrors and the projector en- hance the effect.
The projector, with a wheel rotator and three effects wheels, can display an image on the wall or a floor. The LED fiber optics strands are wonderfully tactile and can be placed on the lap for close work and han- dling. Includes one each of the following:
• LED Bubble Tube – 60" and 9-way
Wireless Controller with Bubble Tube
• Curved Bubble Tube Plinth – Medium
36"W x 36"L x 16"H
• BCB – Bubble Tube additive
• Bubble Tube pump and hose
• Projector bundle, including Solar 250
• Projector, wheel rotator and three
effect wheels (Deep, Firework and a blank wheel)
• LED Fiber Optics Bundle (includes LED Lightsource, Tails and 8-way Controller)
• Fitting instructions
• Installation manual
• Spare lamp for Projector Solar 250
Also comes with two acrylic mirrors (each 36"W x 48"H) and two Calming Sounds CDs.
Table Top Bubble Column.
Sound-sensitive, switch- controlled and sturdy. Smaller for table use. Offers changing colors and mesmerizing bubbles that can be activated with the switch. Dimensions 24"H x 4"D.
Wireless Sensory Equipment. All of our wireless sensory equipment has unique attributes such as being bright, wireless, silent, low maintenance, easy to use, stylish, well designed and aimed at all ages and abilities. The wireless sensory range utilizes the very latest LED technology to produce vibrant colors that never fade and that are safe to touch and hold! A calming mode starts if no button is activated for five minutes. The wireless controllers operate from a distance of 90 feet. Our selective line of wireless sensory products operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage. Great for calming, interaction, stimulation and more—discover them now...
Wireless controller
LED Bubble Tube.
You can control the
colors of hundreds of
bubbles as they flow steadily up the tube. Ideal for distraction therapy, social interac- tion or as an aid to the development and maintenance of dexterity skills, through
the use of five switches on the wireless controller. The bubbles can be switched on and off. Creates a sensory workout and is fun in a group setting. Approx. dimensions: Tube base 16" diam. x 8"D. Tube 6" diam. x 80"H.
LED Fiber Optics Bundle. Highly recom- mended for development of color recognition and cause & effects skills because of its four color wireless controller. The tactile LED fiber optics can be placed on the users lap for a close, hands-on experience. The unit is por- table, but the light source must be kept out of reach. Approx. dimensions: Light source 81⁄4" H x 61⁄4" W x 5" D - Controller 13" diameter x 33⁄4" deep - LED Fiber Optic 66" x 100 strands.
Radiance Floor Lamp. A clear tube is filled with dozens of clear acrylic rocks surrounding multi- colored LEDs. As the colors slowly phase, the rocks catch and refract the light for a dazzling effect! 40.5"H x 8.25"W.
Sensory Motor

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