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Sensory Motor
• Color and shape recognition • Reach and range of motion • Midline crossing
• Coordination
• Strength and endurance
Cognitoys Set. Helps cognitively and physically challenged children and adults improve the followig through graded, repetitive exercise: • Reach
• Midline crossing
• Coordination
• Upper extremity strength, and endurance
16 brightly colored rigid polyurethane foam shapes—squares, triangles, circles and rectangles—and detachable wooden dowels (in four heights up to 331/2") on base can be used for a variety of exercises and to promote color and shape recognition. Exercises can be performed standing, sitting or from a wheelchair. Sturdy, wooden base measures 12"D x 35"W x 3/4"H. Latex free.
Shape Sorting Cube.
Hardwood box has side and top cut-outs that cor- respond to each shape; a “clink” is heard when the proper shape drops. 10 multi-color wood blocks. Box measures 51/2"L x 51/2"W x 51/2"D. For ages 2 years and up.
Shape Sequence Sorting Set. Recognizing color, shape, size and sorting objects into groups are the “building blocks” of beginning math skills. What better way to explore these important concepts than with boldly colored wooden blocks and frame? Extension activi- ties are included to explore form, fun and function—all in one toy! 8.25" x 8.25" x 3.25".
Sensory Motor
Sort and Snap Color Match. Toddlers will be fascinated and preschoolers will be inspired by this amazing color-matching and cre- ative activity board! Ten reversible picture cards are held in place on a wooden play board when children place the snap caps in the holes. One side of the picture card is in color for matching. The reverse side shows the picture in black and white, allowing the children to create their own patterns and designs. This activity is great for color recog- nition, sorting and beginning math skills... it even has 3-D picture suggestions! Dimensions: 11.38" x 15.75" x 2.25" packaged. 081556240

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