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Pegboards Sensory Motor
Get-A-Grip Pegboard Set. Plastic grip‐board measures 61/4" square and includes 12 laminated activity cards graded by level of difficulty, 30 plastic clothes‐pin pegs in six colors, and instructional guide. For ages 3 and up.
Sammons Preston® Multi-Colored Beaded Pegs and Pegboard. Easy‐to‐grip plastic pegs come in six bright colors. Each peg is 3/4" tall and comes 300 to a package. The 6" x 6" plastic peg‐ board holds up to 100 pegs. Pegs sold separately.
550510 Pegboard
559800 300 Multi Colored Pegs
Peg DominoTM. Includes 11" diameter circular pegboard, 28 safety pegs, four semi‐circular holding bins, a black plastic bag, and in‐ structions. For ages 3 and up.
Tricky TreeTM. A construction game to help the child get acquainted with the concept of balance. It also helps to improve fine motor con‐ trol. Contains 1 base, 36 pegs, 10 two‐pronged joints and 5‐three pronged joints. For children age 3 and older.
Peg ItTM. Contains two 100‐hole pegboards, 100 multicolored pegs, a water‐soluble ink pen, reproducible pegboard designs, and a complete manual. Measures 6.5" square x 1" H with a channel around three sides to hold the pegs.
Sensory Motor

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