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Pegboards Sensory Motor
Sammons Preston® Graded Pegboard. Features five rows of graded-height pegs, each size painted a different color. Board, mea- suring 10" x 12", has 30 pegs ranging in height from 11/4" to 27/8". Pegs are 3/4" in diameter. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Pegboard with Colored Pegs. The 20" x 20" lacquered pegboard has 100 holes spaced 1" apart in which 50, 1"-diameter colored pegs can be inserted to make patterns or color groupings. Fits on Activity Boards 4066 and 4067. Latex free.
Cylinder Pegs. Consist of a set of 24
pegs — in four different colors — which fit inside coinciding cylinders. The client pairs each colored peg with its matching cylinder. Board is 151/2" x 9". Pegs are 3"H x 7/8" in diameter and cylinders are 21/2"H x 1" in diameter. Latex free.
Colored Geo Forms. Smooth, colorful wooden blocks in an extra large 93/4"L x 81/2"W x 33/4"H wooden base. Latex free. 923293
Pegboard with Square Pegs. Square pegs are easier for a child to handle but are slightly more difficult to place in holes than round ones. Board, 7" x 9", has 20 square holes and pegs. Pegs, 3" x 3/4", are in five colors. Latex free.
Pegboard with Round Pegs. Basic 30- hole pegboard can be used easily, even by a child with severe handicaps. Consists of a 12" x 10" wood board and 30 1"-diam- eter, 23/4"-high pegs in five colors.
Latex free.
Assorted Square and Round Pegboard. Includes a 9" x 7" wooden board with 20 multicolor wooden pegs (10 round and 10 square) in four rows. Pegs are 3" long x 5/8" in diameter. Latex free. 920643
Depth Perception Pegboard Set.
Stimulates depth perception and eye-hand coordination on two levels. Board is 11" square and includes 9 red and 12 green 1/2"-diameter pegs. Latex free.
Sensory Motor

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