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Pulley Weight Systems help clients reach their therapy goals.
Sammons Preston® Pulley Weight Systems. These exclusive Pulley Weight Systems suits your patients’ therapeutic needs that re- quire exercising arms, legs and chest. All systems include 10 disc weights totaling 25 lbs. Each plate is approximately 2.5 lbs. Assembly required. Mounting hardware not included. Pulley accessories expand exercise options on all pulley weights. Latex free.
Sammons Preston® Chest Pulley Weights. One pair
of padded handles mounts at chest height. Installation re- quires 6’ (1.8m) of floor space. 922180
Sammons Preston® Single-Column Pulley. A single-column alternative to duplex pulley weights. Includes two handles and a 24” bar with foam grips for two- handed exercises.
Sammons Preston® Duplex Pulley Weights. Two pairs of padded handles—one mounts at chest height, the other at floor level. Ideal for shoulder, elbow and chest exercises. Installation requires 6’ (1.8m) of floor space.
Sammons Preston® Tripex Pulley Weights. Three pairs of padded han- dles mount at floor level, chest height and from the ceiling. Clearance should be 10’ (3m) to install.
Exercise Strength
Wall Mount Double Pulley.
Medical pulley system features precise adjustability and ultra-low 21/2-lb. weight increments for early stage rehabilitation and geriatric therapy. Double pulley includes
two 100-lb. weight stacks, all 5-lb. plates. Also included are stabilizer handle, 18” multipurpose bar, nylon ankle/wrist cuff and 2 D-ring handles. Adjustable in 2” incre- ments. Version w/Boom Attachment includes 48” lat bar. Dim.: 21”L x 28”W x 87”H. Height is 93” with boom attachment. Installation and mounting hardware not included. 554059   Wall Mount Double
Pulley 554359   Wall Mount
Double Pulley w/ Boom Attachment
Wall Mount Adjustable Single Pulley. Designed for limited space requirements, this compact pulley accommodates wheelchair users. Pulley includes a 125-lb. weight stack: five 10 lb. plates, fifteen
5 lb. plates and a 21/2 lb. add-on plate. Also included is a stabilizer handle, 18” multipurpose bar, a nylon ankle/wrist cuff and a D-ring handle. Versatile pulley machine
is adjustable in 2” increments. Installation and mounting hard- ware not included. Measures 22”L x 18”W x 85”H. Weight: 190 lbs. 219302
Exercise Strength

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