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Free-Standing Pulleys. Features an upper boom that allows clients to perform multiple exercises in a compact space. Pulley handle is adjustable in 2” increments. Includes stabilizer handle, lat bar, upper/lower boom attachment, handrails and wheels for easy portability. Lifetime warranty on frame. 1-year warranty on cable and pulleys.
Single Pulley. Weight stack is 150 lbs. (ten 5-lb. plates, ten 10-lb. plates and a 2-lb. add-on plate). Measures 43”L x 28”W x 86”H. Weight: 265 lbs.
552101 Single Pulley, no handrail
Free-Standing Double Pulley. Includes two 100 lb. weight stacks (all plates are 5 lbs.). Measures 43”L x 36”W x 86”H. Weight: 370 lbs.
Lat bar
Handrail for added safety
Standard 150-lb. weight stack
Two 100-lb. weight stacks
Wheelchair accessible
2192 Wheelchair
552201   Double Pulley, no handrail
Item No.
Weight Stack
Single, Mobile
30 lbs.
Item No.
Weight Stack
Single, Wall-Mount
100 lbs.
Exercise Strength
Single Standard
Pulley, Mobile, 30 lbs. For the client with mobility limited to recumbent positions,
this equipment piece fulfills rehab needs in the following settings: private room, gym mat and hos- pital bed. Pulley is TIG welded and constructed of powder-coated, high-strength steel. Also comes with 3/4” solid steel, chromium- plated self-adjusting guide rods that ensure smooth tracking of weight stack. Non-stretchable marine rope (5/32”) adjusts in height and length along a
66”, 2” interval rope ad-
justment bar containing spring-loaded plungers.
Warranty: 1 yr. bumper-
to-bumper on parts; 5 yrs. on moving parts; lifetime on frame. No assembly required.
Dimensions: 26”W x 32”D x 68”H.
Lateral Pulleys. Offers
lower extremity training, plus rehab of spine and upper
extremities with negative weight bar (1:1 weight-to-resistance ratio weight stacks). Backbone is cut to ceiling height for maximum func- tionality; connects with overhang for maximum security and safety. Black, rubber-coated wire (3/16”) adjusts in height along 84.5”-2” interval wire adjustment bar with spring-loaded plunger. Lateral pulleys come with self-adjusting guide rods and are constructed of TIG-welded, powder-coated and high-strength steel. Some assembly required. Warranty: lifetime on frame; 5 yrs. all moving parts; 1 yr. bumper-to-bumper on all parts.
Exercise Strength

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