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  Rolyan Adjustable Heel Lift
With layers firmly held together by peel-apart adhesive, the customizable heel lift can be placed under the insoles of a shoe for a variety of foot, ankle, knee, & hip symptoms.
• Peel resilient rubber layers to adjust height
• Features durable leather cover tapered for comfort • Treats plantar fasciitis & Achilles tendonitis
• Use with post-op shoe to reduce pelvic obliquity
SKU Description
7101471 Large 7101470 Medium 7101469 Small
    Rolyan Ankle Foot Orthosis
Custom-molded ankle foot orthosis promotes dorsiflexion, providing minor medial & lateral support & rigidity to resist mild extensor spasticity.
• In-shoe correction of abnormal foot functions
• Minor modifications can be made with heat gun
• Large footplate gives more support to the forefoot • Secure orthosis to lower leg with adjustable strap
081277433 081277441 081277458 081277466 081277474 081277482
Legacy Description
A508LL Left - Large A508LM Left - Medium A508LS Left - Small A508RL Right - Large A508RM Right - Medium A508RS Right - Small
  Rolyan Ankle Stabilizer with Valve
The bladder of this ankle stabilizer can be inflated to desired compression level. It combines air & foam for maximum patient comfort. The re-engineered shell is lighter in weight but stronger.
• Conforms to the ankle with minimal bulk in shoe • Shell is universal to fit left or right ankle
• Adjustable heel pad, side straps & swivel straps
• The design is easy to apply & latex free
081374974 081374982 081374990
Legacy Description
56300601 Regular 56300602 Small 56300603 Trainer - Sport
                              Foot & Ankle

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