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  Rolyan Bunion Splint
Not ideal for use with shoes, the splint is designed to wrap around the foot & reduce pain following a bunionectomy by positioning the big toe in proper alignment.
• Slip-resistant fabrifoam for prolonged wear • Features fully adjustable fastener system
• Relieves pain, discomfort & skin irritation
• Corrects the deformity of the big toe
SKU Legacy Description
081288844 A730100 Right 081288869 A730102 Deluxe Right
    Rolyan Dorsal Night Splint
Designed to help prevent passive plantar-flexion, the night splint is ideal for pre- or post-operative care for plantar fasciitis, drop foot & other foot & ankle conditions.
• Reduces heat buildup to prevent perspiration
• Holds the foot in neutral while the wearer sleeps • Lightweight padded shell with adjustable straps • Designed to gently stretch the plantar fascia
SKU Description
081607407 Small/Medium 081607415 Large/X-Large
    Rolyan Dorsal Strap
Used to tighten away from opposite leg, the replacement strap can be cut down to fit any size of AFO or posterior leaf splint.
• Minimizes skin friction • Neutral color is discreet • Secures AFO to calves
• Available in three sizes
081266113 081266105 081266121
Legacy Description
A315M A315L A315S
Medium Large Small
                              Foot & Ankle

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