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  Carrie Collar with Tumble Forms 2 Antimicrobial Protection
Hinged collar supports the jaw line & occipital region to help improve head control, neck flexion & midline positioning. Can be used by itself or used with other seating systems. Designed to fit the Elementary size Seating System.
• Attaches in front with quick release hook & loop • Seamless covering is impervious to fluids
• Odor resistant with increased durability
• Fits up to 14” neck circumference
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081012137 2774C
   Sammons Preston Geri Chair Side Support
Designed to prevent lateral leaning, the foam support provides alignment & increased function while sitting in a geriatric chair or wheelchair.
• Open cell foam hinged for use in reclining chairs
• Features hook & loop straps for a secure fit
• Ensures proper posture & maximum lateral support • Prevents lateral leaning & falls out of the chair
081277292 081277300 081277342
Legacy Description
A50760 Geri Chair Side Support
A50761 Short Torso Support Insert - 6” Long A50765 Attachment Straps - Set of Two Straps
  Sammons Preston Geri-Chair Positioning Aid
Compatible with most geri-chairs & wheelchairs, the positioning aid is designed to widen the support of a backrest as well as keep the torso upright.
• Prevents sideward movement
• Flame retardant vinyl cover
• Foam padding includes nylon straps • Improves sitting posture
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081176759 6827
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