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                              General Furniture
 Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Seating System
Lightweight, contoured seat aids posture for seated position. Comes with angle- & height-adjustable footrest & 4-point adjustable harness. Removes & fits furniture easily, tethers with strap. Not for use in cars or airplanes.
• Height-adjustable neck stabilizer
• Anti-thrust seat mold supports pelvic positioning • Shock-absorbing foam, easy-to-clean covering
• Available in four sizes, can add tray & footrest
081026277 081026285 081198688 081198696 081198704 081198720 081198738 081198746 081198753 081198761 081198779 081198787 081198795
Legacy Description
4641M 4641S 9114 9114S 9114T 9115S 9115T 9116 9116S 9116T 9117 9117S 9117T
Elementary Seat with Tray and Footrest Preschool Seat with Tray and Footrest Preschool Seat Only
Preschool Footrest with Bar
Preschool Tray with Bar Elementary Shoe with Bar Elementary Tray with Bar Junior Seat Only
Junior Footrest with Bar Junior Tray with Bar
Small Adult Seat Only
Small Adult Footrest with Bar Small Adult Tray with Bar
  Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat Replacement Straps
Tumble Forms 2 Replacement Straps consist of H-strap or pelvic belts for solution of broken belts. The H-strap comfortably supports the torso & the pelvic belt helps keep the lower body securely in place. Straps are adjustable.
• Maintains correct upright position
• Different sizes fit children & young adolescents • Correct posture aids long-term seating comfort • The H-strap & pelvic belt each come in 4 sizes
081024736 081242411
Legacy Description
4542H H-Strap for Large Feeder Seat 928293 H-Strap for X-Large Feeder Seat
Treatment Furniture

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