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  Rolyan Finger Exerciser Attachments
Connecting to the thumb to strengthen extension & abduction motion, easily attaches to the Rolyan Fabrifoam Gauntlet to exercise the MCP, PIP & DIP joints.
• Helps strengthen weak or injured finger joints
• Phase III in finger flexion exercise protocols
• Does not include Rolyan Fabrifoam Gauntlet
• Rubber bands offer varying degrees of resistance
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081281716 A57118
    Rolyan Finger Gutter Splint
Fabricated from Ezeform splinting material, the splint is designed to immobilize PIP & DIP joints following fractures, dislocations, ligament strains & fingertip injuries.
• Heat adjust to accommodate swollen digits
• Two self-adhesive straps required per splint
• Contoured to provide firm, stable immobilization • Measure from the web to the tip of the finger
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A5801 X-Small
A5802 Small
A5803 Medium
A5804 Large
A5805 X-Large
A5807 Finger Gutter Splint Kit
  Rolyan Finger Sleeve
Measured around finger at PIP crease to determine circumference, the sleeve assists PIP & DIP joints into extension & can be used without metal stay for control of edema.
• Maintains finger extension to help reduce pain • Metal stay can be worn on volar/dorsal surface • Compression for gradual edema control
• Neoprene material does not contain latex
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                              Finger Splints

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