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                              Finger Splints
     Rolyan Finger Splint Straps
Designed to adjust to accommodate edema, the hook & loop straps can be used to secure the finger to a splint for immobilization following injury.
• Adhesive-backed hook with non-adhesive loop • Used with splints to protect injured fingers
• Avoids application of messy medical tape
• Does not slip, roll or irritate the skin
SKU Legacy Description
081282557 A58001 X-Small 081282565 A58002 Small 081282573 A58003 Medium
   Rolyan Frog Splint
For distal finger joint injuries, the foam lined splint keeps the IP joint in extension while allowing the joint close to the knuckle to bend & straighten.
• Aluminum splint immobilizes finger joints
• Protective foam padding for shock absorption • Open design allows for air circulation
• Promotes healing & prevents re-injury
SKU Legacy Description
081115278 556063 Medium 081115252 556062 Small 081115294 556064 Large
   Rolyan Knuckle Bender Splint
Simultaneously flexes the MCPs of all digits without blocking IP or wrist motion. The strength of the rubber band determines traction force.
• To size, measure width of 2nd to 5th MCP • Medium overall length 3” (7.6 cm)
• Large overall length 3.5” (8.9 cm)
• Flexes the MCPs of all digits
SKU Legacy Description
081280072 A52323 Large 081280064 A52322 Medium

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