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                                   Wheelchair Drink Holders
                                      Sammons Preston® Tray Cup Holder.
Easily attaches to wheelchair lap tray with self-adhesive hook & loop. 31/2” diameter fits most cups or water bottles. Made of a kydex fire-retardant ingredient. Tray sold separately. Latex free.
562675 $15.10
Drink Aide. Insulated bottle (28 oz.) attaches to wheelchair or bed with universal clamp (included). The 31”L flexible, vibration- resistant drinking tube can be positioned conveniently for hands-free access. Latex free.
Universal Wheelchair Footrest Bag.
Secures to the back of any wheelchair, and provides a convenient, secure place to keep footrests. Made from durable wipeclean vinyl, this bag is universally sized to hold the footrests from the smallest to the largest wheelchairs.
565419 $51.00
926516 Drink Aide 92651601   Replacement Tube
$143.40 $14.65
Features an extra-large
reservoir that holds 2 liters
of fluid. Easy to fill and
easy to drink from, using
the Big BiteTM valve, just
bite and sip. Fully insulated to keep liquid
to wheelchair or headboard for easy access. Can also be worn as a backpack. Keeps patients hydrated no matter where they go. 562648 $98.89
Wheelchair Cup Holder.
Innovative universal cup holder attaches quickly and easily to a variety of armrests such as wheel- chairs and scooters. Includes two hook and loop straps and two foam inserts, which can be at- tached underneath the cup holder for extra grip. Cup holder has 3.5” circumfer- ence and is 2.5” deep. 081541432 $30.57
         cool for hours. Attaches
          The Hydrant. Provides instant and independent access to fluids at all times and enables easy, accurate monitoring of fluid intake. Features a unique, one-piece cap/handle/clip that can be securely attached to beds, chairs, wheelchairs, scooters and more. Large handle stays secure around the back of the hand.
The Hydrant (1 liter bottle and 44”-long tube
   with clothing clip and mouthpiece) The Hydrant Sports (500 ml bottle)
$48.11 $23.95
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
Swirly Cup Holder. Accommodates most common beverage containers, and puts an end to finding a convenient place for your beverage. Built to fit on approximately 1” rail of walkers or wheelchairs. Chrome-plated steel with a vinyl-covered tip. Latex free.
565506 $29.25

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