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                                     Drink Holders
                                     Sammons Preston®
Collapsible Drink
Holder. Holds beverage
cups, cans and bottles.
Easily snaps onto upright
of wheelchairs, walkers,
quad and standard
canes. Double rings and
shelf hold containers of
8 - 44 oz. (up to 31/2” diameter). Folds to 1/2” deep. Black. Latex free. 1152 $19.15
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Beverage Holder. Fits containers 21/2”- 3” in diameter. Snaps in place. Top ring on holder can be manipulated to increase or decrease opening size. Latex free.
Preston® Cup
and Holder for
Clips onto any
wheelchair, cane,
walker, etc. Large-
handled cup
features snap-on
lid with an opening
for drinking.
Dishwasher safe to 125°F. Holds up to 8-oz. Plastic-coated clips prevent scratching and provide a strong hold. Sorry, no color choice. Latex free.
1139 $22.38
Multi-Mount Drink Holder. Mount fits all 7/8” to 11/2” round or square tubing,
or attaches to any 1” x 3” vertical surface. Universal brackets mount horizontally or vertically to lock in desired angle. Holds 10-32 oz. drinks in bottles, cans, mugs or cups. Simple screwdriver installa- tion. 43/4”H x 31/2”W without insert,
6”H x 3”W with. Latex free.
1155 $25.75
Cage Sport
Bottle Holder
with Bottle.
Stainless steel
cage design and
a clamping system
allow it to be
securely held on
wheelchair arm-
rests, crutches,
walkers, or other
rail type of frames. Elastomer blocks and hook & loop cinching provide a wide range of uses. Includes 24 oz. large mouth bottle. 552514 $30.95
                                           Desk Arm
   Standard Arm
                           Two Slot Cup/Mug Holder. Tough plastic holder with two slots to accommodate both one- or two- handled cups, bottles, cans and glasses 21/2”- 3” in diameter. Attach to any round wheelchair element. Large lever knob easily tightens clamp on any upright 1” or 7/8” tubing. Bilateral. 5”H x 4”W. Latex free. 1150 $28.50
Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Beverage Holder. Holder supports beverages from 12 - 20 oz. (21/4”- 31/2” in diameter) with removable insulator (koozie), and up to a 1-quart bottled drink without the koozie. Easily attaches to wheelchairs with included nylon bracket. Latex free. 1131 $17.15
Cage Cup Holder with Insulated Jacket. Securely attaches to wheelchair armrests, crutches, walkers, or other frames with a rail. Features stainless steel cage design, clamping system, elastomer blocks and hook & loop cinching. Insulated
jacket is black.
552513 $30.25
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