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    Item No.
 Door Opener
 Remote Control
  Motion Sensor
    Item No.
   Fits 16”- 20” Wheelchairs
  Anti-Rollback with Alarm
   Fits 22”- 24” Wheelchairs
  Anti-Rollback with Alarm
    Item No.
 Sit’N Shape (1 bar)
 Sit’N Shape (2 bars)
  Resistance Stick
 14” Yellow and Green Resistance Bands (2 each)
Wheelchair Accessories
                     Sammons Preston® Wheelchair Umbrella. Provides rain and sun protection. Fits most wheelchairs. Fully adjustable stem. Umbrella opened measures 40” in diameter. Total length
including adjustable
stem is 36”.
553668 $20.15
Rain Cape
with Carrying Case. Easy-to-use hooded cape covers wheelchair users to keep them warm and dry. Made from durable, light-weight waterproof fabric. Universal size fits most. Wipes clean easily, and stores conveniently in carrying case. 081500859 $65.10
Doormatic Automatic Door
Opener. This device revolutionizes
the way you open and close doors.
It automatically takes care of doing
that on internal doors. The battery-
operated door opener activates
simply with a slight “push” or “pull” motion. Easy tool-free installation using hook and loop – requires no drilling, no tools and no structural changes to the door or door frame. Features include an easy-read menu and the ability to preset waiting time and speed. The Doormatic operates on many different surfaces and comes with obstacle detection for added safety. An optional remote control is beneficial for those who cannot push or pull the door. For those who cannot operate a remote control, the optional motion sensor
is recommended, because the door opens by breaking the beam; can be preset.
Sit’N Shape Bar & Resistance Stick. The Bar offers a convenient, versatile, effective workout. It utilizes resistance training when connected directly to the user’s chair. The Sit’N Shape Bar is adjustable to provide toning and strengthening exercises for a
wide range of patients.
The Resistance Stick provides resistance training without bulky
equipment or membership contracts. The best part is you can take it anywhere – from home to office. Slip it on your feet or attach it to virtually any object or structure for a truly customized workout. Adjustable in length and bungee resistance to accommodate a wide variety of users with different levels of strength and mobility. Replacement bands are also available.
      As the client rises, the brake arm locks the wheel. The chair is rock steady.
  Safe-t mate mounts discreetly behind the chair for easy access.
                 Safe-t mate® Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device. Automatically activates as the user begins to stand. A pair of brake arms grab the tires to prevent the chair from rolling back and away. When the user is seated, the Safe-t mate is in standby mode and the chair moves freely in all directions. Available with an integrated chair exit alarm that sounds as the anti-rollback device engages. No pads or clips.
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