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        Safety molding
prevents backing off scale 6514
Platform Scales for Wheelchair.
A dual-scale unit for weighing persons in their wheelchairs. Only 21⁄2” off the floor, with side ramp for easy wheelchair access and guard rail along one side. Both ramp and scale store easily on edge, and hand holes allow easy carrying. For accurate measure, add the weight applied to both scales, then deduct the wheelchair weight. Easy-Read® dial displays in 1 lb. increments. Measures 34” wide scale-to-scale, with 241⁄2” long platform. Weight of entire unit with ramp is approx. 26 lbs. Weight capacity: 600 lbs. Latex free. Extra-Wide Wheelchair Scale.
Ideal for oversized wheelchairs. Features an Easy-Read Dial and weight capacity of 600-lbs. Measures 241⁄2”L x 39”W.
Health-o-meterTM 2700KL
Digital Wheelchair Dual Ramp Scale.
Features an extra-large platform, 43”W x 42”D x 21⁄2”H, and a ramp that measures 123⁄4”W x 413⁄4”D. Dual ramps and two wheels provide easy access and portability. The remote display can be placed on table or mounted on a wall. Has 3⁄4” LCD display, 0.2-lb resolution and USB connectivity. Functions: Body Mass Index, LB/KG Conversion and Lockout, Zero Out/Tare, Hold/Release, Reweigh, Auto Zero and Auto Off. Uses 110-240V adapter (included) and six AA batteries
(not included).
081623651 $2,950.04
Detecto® Portable Folding Wheelchair Scale.
Designed to save time and increase patient comfort while weighing. Spacious 32” x 36” platform is only 2.2” high, and combines with dual, built-in, 8-inch long ramps that rest on the floor for easy accessibility from both sides. Easily-collapsible column with quick-release lever allows one-handed
folding for effortless
transport or
vertical storage.
Single-pass weighing by using the pushbutton or keypad tare
to remove wheelchair weight. Clinical-grade accuracy to 0.2-lb. Optional Wi-Fi for EMR/EHR. Powered by 6 C batteries (not included) or AC adapter (sold separately). Weight capacity: 1000-lbs.
  Item No.
      Wheelchair scale
    120V AC adapter
     Item No.
 Complete Dial Unit
 Dial Replacement Scale
  Extra-Wide Wheelchair Scale
   Health-o-meterTM 2600KL/2610KL Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale.
This extremely durable, high-tech scale is a “must-have” for any long-term and acute-care facility. Features a 1,000-lb weight capacity, EMR connectivity via USB, a 180° swivel head for
    side read and a 36”W x 321⁄4”D
x 21⁄2”H platform with wheels
for mobility. Can be used with
chairs, wheelchairs or as a stand-
on scale. Folds up easily; ramp
attaches to either side for right/left access.
Computer interface with 270-patient memory.
Functions: BMI, Manual Tare, Zero, Auto-Off, Auto-Hold, Reweigh, Hold/Release. Resolution: 0.2-lb (0.1kg). With ramp down, the scale measures 42”W x 45”D x 461⁄2”H. Weighs 105-lbs. Powered by six AA batteries
(not included) or 120V AC adapter (included).
    Item No.
        Single Ramp
        Dual Ramp
      Health-o-meterTM 2400KL Digital Portable Wheelchair Scale. A small footprint and handle make this scale perfect for transport and storage. Works well in limited spaces and high traffic areas of clinics and hospitals. The 2400KL has an 800-lb weight capacity, and the platform expands from 251⁄2” to 50” to accommodate bariatric and standard wheelchairs. Dual ramps provide easy-on/easy off access. The scale connects to EMR-ready software. A remote display can be placed on table or mounted
on wall. Functions: BMI, Zero Out/Tare, Hold/Release, Reweigh, Auto Zero, Auto Off and LB/KG Conversion and Lockout. Rail is 6”W x 40”D. Uses 110-240V adapter (included) and six AA batteries (not included).
081623677 $2,320.12
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