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                                    Pediatric Utensils Dining 1072
     Maroon Spoon. Narrow, shallow bowl ideal for feeding therapy. Perfect for poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity or tongue thrust. Not for clients with severe bite reflex. Dishwasher safe up to 180°F, no heated drying. BPA and Phthalate free. Package of 10.
920273 Small 53⁄4” x 1” $14.95
920274 Large 6” x 11⁄4” $15.25
081600535 Pack of 5 for Small
081600824 Pack of 5 for Large $66.50
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Evo OT Ware 3-piece Utensil Set.
Includes a right hand spoon, fork and knife that are designed for maximizing hand function for dining independence. Unique angled, large grip utensils are easy for arthritic hands to hold. Provides a variety of ergonomic gripping positions. Made of Tritan materials that are latex, phthelate and BPA free. Dishwasher safe.
PlastisolTM-Coated Spoons. Protect teeth and lip from utensil edges and temperature sensitivity. Not recommended for those with heavy biting reflexes. Dishwasher safe up
to 180°F. Cold water wash to prolong life. Latex free.
1067 Infant Spoon $9.28
1068 Long Infant Spoon $9.52 1071 Youth Spoon $9.30
1064 Tablespoon $9.45 1066 Long Teaspoon $9.71 1072   Teaspoon $9.22
    Nylon Coated Spoons. The nylon coating protects teeth and lips, especially for those with temperature sensitivity. Not recommended for heavy biters. BPA and Phthalates free. Dishwasher safe up to 125°F.
557123 Long Teaspoon $11.15 557125 Tablespoon $11.15
Rubber Spoon. As a full-size silicone rubber spoon, it is suitable for adults and children. Protects teeth and lips. Not recom- mended for biters. Dishwasher safe up to 125°F. Latex free. BPA Free.
1073 $29.38
Virtually Unbreakable Utensils. Strong, durable nylon material. Meets FDA require- ments as a multi-use product for public food service. Made in USA. Dishwasher safe to 230°F. Latex free. BPA Free. Chocolate color. Package of 12.
Pack of 10 Teaspoons
                       Lip Closure Spoon. Designed for indi- viduals who have difficulty with lip closure when eating. Unique sloping wall design provides tactile cue for the upper lip. Encourages user to maintain continuous point of contact with the spoon surface
as food is removed. Works well with both adults and children. BPA and Phthalates Free.
557126 Small $15.15
557127 Large $16.15
1078 Teaspoons 12/pk
1079 Tablespoons 12/pk
$19.80 $20.15
Child’s Feeding Spoons. Double-ended design, these spoons are ideal for starting solid foods. Flat bowls help keep food on the spoons and allow good lip closure. Durable ABS plastic with rounded edges for added safety. Dishwasher safe up to 125°F. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
  1002 $13.15 Order online. It’s click & easy:
Package of 10.

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