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                                    Utensil Holders Dining Make mealtimes easier with special needs utensil holders
Special Needs Utensil Holders. A host of ways to make eating, writing and other activities easier. Choose from pockets and holders, sturdy clips, leather cuffs and wrist supports that position utensils to the desired angle. All adjust to fit the individual and are designed to slip comfort- ably on and off for increased independence.
        Standard Utensil Holder.
• Beige, polyester webbing
• Hook and loop closure with D-ring for
Heavy-Duty Utensil Holder.
• Durable 1” wide white nylon
• Hook and loop closure with D-ring for
easy adjustment
• Fits most standard utensils
• Two sizes available (based on MCP
Utensil Holder with Elastic Opening.
• Durable white cotton webbing
• Hook and loop closure with D-ring for
easy fit adjustment
• Elastic pocket opening expands to ac-
commodate a variety of different utensils. Designed to fit the 1463 and 1464 series of utensils.
• Two sizes available (based on MCP width)
easy adjustment
• Fits most standard utensils
• One size fits MCP width 31⁄4”–41⁄2”
• Latex free
1481 Utensil Holder each 081601145 Pack of 10
• Latex free
A7213 S/M, 3”–4”
A7214 Lg/X-Lg, 33⁄4”–43⁄4” $11.00
$8.45 $71.95
• Latex free
920779 Small, 21⁄2”–3”
920780 Large, 31⁄2”–41⁄2”
 Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 10!
$11.10 $11.10
        Utensil holders can be used with toothbrushes, razors, thin handle combs and hairbrushes
    Plastic Utensil
Holder. Washable vinyl
holder with notched pocket. Hook and loop closure. Fits MCP width 31⁄4”–41⁄4”. Latex free.
1050 $13.15
Weighted Plastic Base
Holder. Cone-shaped base angles utensil away from palm. 8 oz. additional weight for stability. BPA and latex free.
1372 $17.20
Pediatric Plastic
Base Utensil Holder.
Great for Washable nylon with plastic base for proper utensil positioning. Latex free. 1371 $14.15
081605740 Weighted version of 1371
   Ableware Universal Built-Up Handle.
Ergonomic, soft, built-up handle makes it easier for people with arthritis or limited grasping ability to self-feed and perform other activities of daily living. Can also be used with other everyday items such as pens, pencils, toothbrushes, crochet hooks and knitting needles 13⁄4” (4.4 cm) diameter handle accommodates utensils with widths from 1⁄4”–1” (.64–2.54 cm). Measures 35⁄8” (9.22 cm). Dishwasher safe.
081621507 Pack of 4 $23.86
Plastic Base Utensil Holder.
Half cone-shaped base directs utensil away from palm. Washable nylon and plastic. BPA, Phthalates and latex free.
1373 $13.20
 081506898 Pack of 5 $66.65 Order online. It’s click & easy:

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