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                                   Assistive Feeders     Dining Meal BuddyTM Assistive Feeder
 Meal Buddy. Combines robotic technology and personal features to create an electronic assistive feeder that’s truly original. Like the per- fect waiter, the Meal Buddy caters to individual needs, making meals easier and more enjoyable. This innovative feeder also lightens the workload of caregivers, as they are freed up for other tasks. Though packed with features, the Meal Buddy is ready to use right out of the box; just follow the single-page, Quick-Start card. The electronic design lets you customize the speed, spoon position, bowl selection and more. The included bowls each have a wipe bar to clean excess food and drips from the spoon. Includes a robotic arm, white base, three bowls, a spoon, a 21⁄2” diameter button switch and carrying case. Bowls and base are dishwasher safe.
The Meal BuddyTM features:
• One-touch, push-button operation
• Programmable mouth position
• Sip N Puff option (for hands-free operation)
• Adjustable feed cycles (Sequential, Random and User Select) • Three bowls (for three courses! Use 1, 2 or all 3)
• One-page, Quick-Start card
• Adjustable speed settings and food quantities
• Wipe mode to prevent drips
• Comes with an attractive carrying case for easy portability
• Optional battery & charger for use anywhere
Wipe bars on the bowls allow you to control how much food is on the spoon.
The Meal Buddy can also be used with custom switches.
   Specifications: Base
Robotic Arm Weight
Each Bowl Switch Button Power
White, 20” x 20”
51⁄2” x 61⁄2” x 12”H
9.8 lbs. (Meal Buddy, White Base & Bowls) 17.3 lbs. (Total weight with Carrying Case) 3.2 lbs. (Robot)
21⁄2” diameter
12’ long UL listed 3-prong cord
Optional Battery & Charger
Optional Wheelchair Cord, 6’
One-year parts and labor
Meal Buddy $3,535.00
Battery & Charger (Optional) $353.50 Sip N Puff (Optional) $272.70
Electric Wheelchair Power Cable (Optional) Replacement Bowls, 3-pack $87.97 Replacement Spoons, 12-pack $30.30 Replacement Button Switch $202.00
Demo available – please call your local rep.
     Swedish Help Arm. Counterbalanced arm sling supports the arm and provides functional assistance and muscle re-education for cli- ents with impairment or paresis of shoulder muscles, cervical spine injuries, hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis or some forms of rheumatoid arthritis. Adjustable arms allow for internal and external shoulder rotation. The amount of arm swing can be restricted for elbow flexion and extension. Gliding cord track lets client move arms
with ease. Can be used from a supine or sitting position. Includes seven pairs of slings for wrists and elbows, twenty 1-oz. weights, eight 1-lb. weights, plastic storage case for accessories, and a wrench for assembly and adjustment. Adjustable weights provide resistance as well as assistance to utilize existing strength of client. Weights store on metal rods at back of base. Product measures 32”W x 30”D x 72”H. Latex free.
5371 Swedish Help Arm $4,999.85 537101 7 Pairs of Extra Slings $474.65 537102 Instructional CD $0.05
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