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Assistive Feeders
OBI. Obi is a revolutionary, award winning robotic dining companion for individuals with
severe loss of upper-extremity motor control. Obi delivers an enjoyable, independent dining experi- ence by integrating cutting edge robotics, modern design, intuitive controls and personality. Obi’s arm, powered by six intelligent motors, substitutes and simulates the function of a human arm during a meal; accommodating a wide range of ages, heights, and dining preferences (foods, dining posi- tions, orientations, and interfaces).
Obi was designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. In a matter of seconds, the one-touch teach mode allows the caregiver to set the spoon delivery location, simply by guiding the arm to the appro- priate location in front of the user’s mouth. Utilizing two simple accessibility switches, the diner is free to select the food they wish to eat and to control the pace at which they eat. Liquids and solids alike work well with Obi, as long as the food is prepared to about the size of a raspberry or grape. Soup, pizza, pasta, steak, or tacos – Obi works great with just about everything!
Dining is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a basic human need, and a cornerstone of socializing. Obi was created with the belief that everyone deserves access to an enjoyable dining experience.
    Interchangeable spoons at- tach with magnets and have a comfortable feel and are easy to clean.
Obi’s one-touch, hand guided teach mode makes opera- tion quick and easy
Plug into any outlet for a quick charge and long lasting battery power. Rechargable Li-Ion battery, give up to 4 hours of eating time.
Touch sensitive Power and Teach buttons are water resistant and wipe- down safe
Obi Features:
• Accessibility-switch operated (Sip N Puff compatible)
• One-touch, hand-guided teach mode
• Minimum jerk, smooth spoon motion
• Patented optimal food capture methodology; automated multi- directional food capture, portion control, and food repositioning.
• Collision detection
• FDA-compliant food contact
• FDA Class 1 Medical Device,
UL Certified (Home Healthcare
Appliance), CE-compliant
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, up to 4 hours of eating time
• Accommodates a variety of common accessibility switches
Price $5,950.00
 Specialty plate is made with food-, microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer safe materials
Automatic spoon scrape feature reduces drips and spills
Non-skid pad keeps Obi in place by grip- ping the table surface
Two Pal Pad Switches are included (3.5mm head- phone jack connection)
                          Specifications Weight Robotic Arm Length
Base dimensions Capacity Warranty
7.4 lbs. 17”
12”L x 20” (17)
Four 4-ounce bowls 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Item No. 081707959
OBI DINING ROBOT (Includes: Set of Pal Pad Switches,
Plate, Placemat, Large Spoon, Small Spoon, Charging
Cable, Welcome Sheet, Quick Start Guide, User Manual)
Plate       $55.00 Placemat       $45.00 Small Spoon       $35.00 Large Spoon       $35.00 Battery Charger       $59.00 Pal Pad Switch, blue       $48.00 Pal Pad Switch, green       $48.00
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333

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