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   JAECO/Rancho MultiLink Mobile Arm Support. Compact profile eliminates the need to remove the MultiLink Mobile Arm Support in order to clear doorways or other obstacles. The bubble level and offset swivel simplify balancing with the use of the JAECO/Rancho Mount (920297). Two sizes cover children through large adult, universal left or right. To size: Measure distance from wheelchair pack post or mount relocator (where the mount will
be attached) to mid-forearm (area of offset swivel) with arm in maximum passive forward reach. The 20” standard MultiLink Arm will accommodate most clients. The longer, 24” MultiLink should be ordered for clients with greater than normal reach. Note: Mount and Forearm Support sold separately.
555797 Standard, 20”, arm only $297.33 555798 Long, 24”, arm only $297.33
Forearm Support with Offset
Swivel and Slide. The attached
Offset Swivel with Slide has an
integral down or up stop. This
allows forearm balancing to be
accomplished quickly and easily with minimal tools. To size: Measure distance from Olecranon Process to Ulnar Styloid minus 11/2”. Note: If measured distance is a half inch longer, choose next larger size.
555801 6” Extra Small $264.18 555802 8” Small $264.18 555803 9” Medium $264.18 555804 10” Large $264.18
JAECO Elevating MultiLink Mobile Arm Support. The ad- dition of an Elevation Assist to the MultiLink allows significantly greater range of motion for feeding and facial hygiene. (Poor grade deltoid muscle required.) Like the standard MultiLink, minimal tools are required for set-up and client adjustment. The 20” standard will fit most clients. The 24” is for clients over 6’2” in height or when one of the power chair mount relocators cannot be used and attachment point for chair mount is behind the pa- tients shoulder. Note: Mount and Forearm Support sold separately. 555799 Standard Elevating, 20”, arm only $724.71
  555800 Long Elevating, 24”, arm only
JAECO/Rancho Mount. Universal left or right. The open jaw clamp attaches to any tubular wheelchair back post from 3⁄4” to 1” diameter. The unique scroll wheels give 20° of motion for both anterior/posterior (tilt) and medial/lateral (roll) adjust- ments without the use of tools. The position is then locked in place with the turn of a knob.
920297 $485.80
    Note: When ordering complete MultiLink Mobile Arm Supports, specify the following item numbers:
• Mount item number
• MultiLink Arm item number
• Forearm Support with Offset Swivel and Slide item number
                                   Dining     JAECO/Rancho Mobile Arm Supports
   JAECO MultiLink Evaluation
Kit. Contains one of each: 20”
MultiLink Arm (555797); MultiLink
Arm with Elevation Assist (555799);
Forearm Support with Offset Swivel & Slide, Medium (555803); Jaeco/ Rancho Mount (920297); 1 Jaeco Table Mount with Proximal Shaft (555805); Mount Relocator for Clinical Evaluation; professional
set of T-wrenches; adjustable wrench; all-in-one Screwdriver; 7⁄16” wrench; MultiLink Manual; and a Black Molded Case with custom interior for the MultiLink. 560173 $2,161.92
   JAECO Table Mount. The new Table/Desktop Mount utilizes a MultiLink Arm to increase client functional range. Fits children through large adult, universal left or right.
555805 $199.44
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