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                                   Overbed Tables & Feeder Dining
           Days Overbed Table. The table has a laminated teak top and two indepen- dent points for adjusting the height, allowing the top to be angled. Table can be used with a bed or chair for low clearance. Rails on the sides of the tabletop prevent items from slipping off. Ideal for those who have limited strength and mobility. Maximum load 22 lbs. Height adjustment 24” to 36”. Table size 24” x 153⁄4”.
081611037 $93.25
Days Overbed Table with Casters.
For ease of cleaning, this overbed
table has a lightweight plastic top. The height can be adjusted with the ratchet handle. Ridge around table edges helps prevent items from slipping off. Height adjusts from 291⁄2” to 413⁄4”. Table top is 24” x 153⁄4”. Maximum load 22 lbs. Four 2” casters.
081611045 $179.95
    Angle and height adjustable
New top is easier to clean, prevents buildup of food particles
Thermoform Overbed Table. This new model enhances the best-selling overbed table with
the addition of a vinyl thermoform top that is designed to prevent accidental spills from drip- ping off the table. With a solid surface and a recessed pocket, minor spills are contained on the tabletop. The neutral Fusion Maple color is the perfect accent for your residence or busi- ness. The top is 15”W x 30”L and raises with
a slight upward pressure. The U-shaped base is ideal for use around a chair or under a bed. 11⁄2” dual wheel casters provide easy maneuverability. 50 lb. weight capacity. Made in the USA. 081602390 $278.50
  Stable Slide Self-Feeding Support.
Smoothly guides the arm while moving from plate to mouth. Supports the forearm as the client gathers food onto the utensil, then with a simple sliding motion, moves the wrist into the smaller top section giving stability and support while bringing food to the mouth. Includes a roof attach- ment that can be used to help keep the arm on the slide and provide additional control and support. Latex free.
1270 $403.95
® Overbed Table. Convenient flat
surface makes it easy for people to eat, write, or do
projects while in bed or a chair. Table height adjusts 281⁄4”–421⁄4”. Can be used right- or left-handed. C-shaped base allows easy access. Tabletop
is 16”W x 33”L and can hold up to 50 lbs. Latex free.
920781 $282.80
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