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                                    Acute Care Tables Dining Overbed tables meet every need to simplify dining
   500-lb. weight capacity
5 times more weight capacity than the leading overbed table.
Double mirror vanity, non- breakable acrylic mirror, plastic slides and sturdy construction
Executive Split-Top Overbed Table. 18” x 32” table top pro- vides ample space for eating, reading or light therapeutic activities and supports up to 100 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. When extra room is needed, a 17” x 26” lower top can be activated allowing the top tray to lock forward or backwards. High-pressure laminate tops with vinyl T-molding resists chipping, scratching and stains.
An automatic gas cylinder lift mechanism allows users to easily raise the table with minimal pressure. Infinite height adjustment from 30”–45”. Made of powder-coated tubular steel with opal powder coated finish, the heavy duty “U” base provides 28” of clearance to accommodate most wheelchairs and other seating. 2” twin wheel casters provide smooth maneuverability. Weighs 68 lbs. Latex free. 920521     Gunstock Walnut Split-Top $902.00
Acute Care Tables.
Tables rise with gentle
upward pressure, and lock
into infinite positions from 30”–45” high. U-shaped base has 2” twin wheel casters with 28” of inside clearance to accommo- date most wheelchairs and other seating. 18” x 32” no lip table tops resist damage from alcohol, boiling water,
food acid, and ink spills. Vinyl
T-molding surrounds the
edge for a smooth finish.
Supports up to 100 lbs.
Requires some assembly.
920505 Gunstock Walnut $424.50
 Bariatric Overbed Table.
Features an oversized top measuring 18” x 40” so
that it reaches beyond the middle of bariatric beds. An extra-wide 35” inside clear- ance allows use with most bariatric chairs. Structurally reinforced to meet the higher strength requirements. Height adjustment ranges between 301⁄2” to 451⁄2” with a strong positive lock in 1” increments. In a locked position, the column supports a static load of up to 500 lbs., evenly dis- tributed over the top surface. Opal powder-coated base
and column. Product weighs 75 lbs. Weight capacity
500 lbs.
920507 Quartered Oak
  Tilt Top Overbed Table. New design features
fingertip convenience for both height and tilt adjust- ments. 15” x 30” Gunstock Walnut top tilts 33° in
either direction and can lay flat. Raised T-banding
keeps articles in place when top is tilted. Can be raised anywhere from 261⁄2”–39” high. 11⁄2” twin wheel casters, durable construction. 50 lb weight capacity. Latex free. 920667 $212.10
      920522     Gunstock Walnut Split-Top with Vanity 920523     Quartered Oak Split-Top $880.95
920524     Quartered Oak Split-Top with Vanity $915.95
Universal Flexible Arms. Can be placed nearly anywhere, and has a heavy-duty clamp, which lets you attach the arm to a desk, table
or wheelchair tray. It allows the user easy access to items most fre- quently used. The bin holds writing utensils, keys, a remote control, etc. The other arm can hold a cup for drinking from or a cup used to hold additional items. Both arms are flexible and can be positioned as needed for the user. This can be a great addition to any wheelchair, computer desk, workbench, highchair or stroller. Each arm is 14”. 566391 Universal Flexible Arms $81.61
081536499 Universal Arm. Same as above with only one arm to hold a cup. $60.60
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