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   Save $ money when you purchase the pack of 5!
 Peel & Stick Disposable Clothing Protectors. Eliminate the expense
and inconvenience of bibs. Inexpensive disposable. No laundering or loss-re- placement costs. No “around-the-neck” fastening. Simple peel & stick ap- plication. Leak-proof and absorbent. Crumb-catcher tray ensures clothing stays neat and clean. Adhesive strip is safe on clothes.
081604602 Peel & Stick Disposable Clothing Protectors -
Box of 50 $20.92 081604610 Peel & Stick Disposable
Clothing Protectors -
Case of 12 (50) $199.63
                                    Dining Clothing Protectors
  Terry-Cloth Food Catchers.
Standard Catcher with a 15” drop includes
a double-thick 3” pocket for extra absorbency.
141/2” wide with all edges bound. Pocket and neck open with hook and loop fasteners. Latex free. Package of 10; in white only.
Jumbo Catcher has easily adjustable hook and
loop closure and large neck opening for comfort. 90% cotton, 10% polyester. Reinforced with cotton bias binding. 16”W x 25”L. Machine washable. Latex free. Package of 3.
Bariatric Food Catcher is 26”W x 35”L.
Single pack; in blue only.
1385 Standard, White - Package of 10 920608 Jumbo, Blue - Package of 3 081601590 Jumbo, Blue - Pack of 5 (15 total)
920609 Jumbo, Yellow - Package of 3
920610 Jumbo, White - Package of 3
595991 Bariatric, Blue - Single Pack
$24.55 $121.50 $24.55 $24.55 $20.91
   Clothing Protector. Made from a cotton button-down shirt with white terry-cloth backing for absorption. Replaces the tra- ditional bib while improving a client’s self esteem and preserving dignity. Hook and loop neck and waist fasteners provide easy adjustment and comfort. Great for men or women. Machine washable. Latex free. 137001 $31.15
Waterproof Clothing Protector. Long enough to protect clothing neck-to-lap from food and liquid spills. Front hook and loop fastener makes it easy to don and doff. Polyester/cotton front lined with 100% waterproof nylon. 20”W x 36”L. Machine wash & dry. Latex free. Color may vary. 920554 $24.25
Crumb CatcherTM. Oversized food catcher with trough at the sides and bottom to catch liquids. Self-ties and neck cutout allow a snug fit under chin. Lightweight clear plastic. Top fits flat on shoulders
for added protection and can be taped in place for complete coverage. 20”W x 22”L. Package of 50. Latex free.
1382 $40.80
Multi-Striped Heavyweight Clothing Protector. Oversized, terrycloth bib has a hook and loop closure and colored binding.
18”W x 34”L. 081507631 $18.97
Clear Bib with Cuff.
This bib offers protection and is easy to clean. It has a continuous cuff along the bottom to catch foods and liquids preventing them from dropping to the floor. Measures 18” x 36”. Machine washable. 564104 $25.84
Oversized food catcher with trough
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