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    081500792 081499805
 Cut Resistant Glove. Specially designed to help protect your hand from accidental knife cuts. A stainless steel core is wrapped in hi-tech polyester and vinyl to be flexible, yet extremely protective. Comfortable to wear and washable, too! Fits either hand. Medium size.
081566322 $25.25
Knives & Food Prep Boards
Carving fork
discontinued AA5246
                      Homecraft Reflex Carving Utensils. Lightweight utensils feature a closed handle with finger contours 920773 Spatula that facilitates grasping with a weakened hand. Blade is set at an angle that mini- mizes wrist movement. BPA, Phthalates and Latex free.
Homecraft Plastic Spread Board with Spikes. This durable, one-piece molded board has a raised L-shape in one corner. This al- lows bread to be spread using one hand. It also features a set of six stainless steel spikes that can be inserted into the board. The spikes are designed to hold produce, such as bread or vegetables, firmly
in place while they are being sliced or chopped. 71⁄8” x 101⁄8”. Weighs 1⁄2 lbs.
081569623 $20.95
AA5240 AA5245 AA5244 AA5246
Preparation Knife. Scalloped edge on 5” blade $21.15 Chef’s Knife. Smooth edge on 8” blade $24.30 Carving Knife. Scalloped edge on 8” blade $24.30 Slicing Knife. Scalloped edge on narrow 10” blade $26.45
          Etac® Ergonomic Relieve Knives. Designed for people who have impaired hand and arm strength. They provide a good working posi- tion for the hand, and make effective use of its power. The Angled Knives are intended mainly for people who have weakened joints. The knives are available in two versions: one for normal-sized hands and one folding knife that is easy to carry. The Angled Carving Knife handle is ergonomically designed and the blade has a sharp edge, making it easy to cut food with little effort.
Arthritis Kitchen Kit. Designed especially for use by arthritis sufferers, kit includes a Sure Hand Lightweight Built-Up Handle Teaspoon, Knife, and Fork (1000T, 1000K, 1000F), as well as a Push/Pull Helper (3016), a Good Grips Jar Opener (3082), and a Three-in-One Opener (920313). Latex free.
557151 $62.60
 081499805 Relieve Angled Carving Knife 081500792 Relieve Angled Knife $22.22
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