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                                    Food Prep Boards Dining
               Homecraft Kitchen Workstation. Durable chopping board is
193⁄4” x 113⁄4”, and includes a removable grater and slicer with a pro- tective cover, a raised L-shaped corner, removable stainless steel spikes and a removable clamp, which opens up to hold food, a tin or bowl. The clamps edge reverses from flat to contoured. Four nonslip suction pads keep the station secure even on wet countertops! Dishwasher safe. BPA, Phthalates and latex free.
555644 $105.40
    Hi-DTM Paring Board. Easily cleaned, durable, high-density polyeth- ylene paring board. Aluminum nails hold food for peeling and slicing. Corner guards keep bread from sliding when spreading butter or cutting. Four rubber suction feet anchor board securely. Dishwasher safe. Latex free.
Deluxe Paring Board. 1⁄2” thick, coated with special finish
to resist staining. Stainless-steel vegetable holders. Plastic corner guard with silicone edge sealer helps keep food in place. Maple has rubber, nonskid feet. Laminate has suction cup feet. Latex free.
3046 Solid Maple, 11”L x 11”W $38.90 3037 Laminate, 8”L x 10”W $33.00
 3099 11”L x 11”W $66.00 A7041 81⁄2”L x 81⁄2”W $56.86
                     PARSONS BLUE : PANTONE REFLEX C=100, M=80, Y=O, K=O
PARSONS ORANGE: PANTONE 172 C=0, M=65, Y=83, K=0
Cutting Board.
A chef knife is attached so that it can
be used in a chopping motion. Made of polypropylene. It is removable for cleaning and sharpening. The 16” x 12” board is mounted on four suction cup feet. Three stainless steel spikes for securing foods are conveniently located on the board. Food guard aids with spreads. Dishwasher safe. 555662 $58.61
One-Handed Kitchen Helper Kit.
These specially selected products help anyone who functions with the use of only one hand. The 4-piece kit includes a Rocker Knife (1411), a Zim Jar and Bottle Opener (3086), a Hi-D Paring Board (3099), and
an EZ Squeeze One-Handed Can Opener (081686443). Latex free.
Etac® Deluxe One-Handed Paring Board. Plastic cutting board has prongs to hold food for slicing and a vise to hold a variety of items for one-handed operation. Can be used to hold mixing bowls for stir- ring, opening boxes or jars, or for slicing or grating food. Four suction feet secure board to work surface. Weighs 6 lbs. Measures 12”L x 11”W. Latex free.
3022 $66.66
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