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               Homecraft Contour Turner.
This device is used to provide good leverage when turning small difficult items. The head has a bed of sprung stainless steel rods. When the rods are pressed around an object, they retract and conform around the object’s shape. Thus the object stays secure while being turned. The black plastic, T-piece handle is easy to grip and small enough to carry in a pocket or hand bag. Head size 33⁄4”W x 2”D. 081499623 $16.60
Pan Holder.
Keeps the pan
from turning
when cooking
on stove.
One leg folds in for easy storage in the kitchen drawer. Sturdy plated steel with rubber suction cup feet. Holds 2 quart pan and is adjustable. Diameter 71⁄2”. Latex free.
3010 $27.58
Handy, wheeled,
wooden trivet
assists in moving
hot pans and
dishes. Ball bearing wheels roll with a minimum of effort. Rubber stopper helps avoid accidental movement. Wood handle is 5” long and stays cool. Can support up to 10 lbs. Overall diameter: 81⁄2”. Latex free. 3200 $30.30
Pan Holder.
Coated steel-
rod frame
with suction
cups attaches
to the stove
top. Two vertical rods hold the handle
to keep the pot from spinning while contents are being stirred. Works on pots with handles up to 5” above base. Frame measures: 16” x 41⁄2”H. Latex free.
3011 $20.20
Kitchen Helpers
              Over-Stove Mirror. Acrylic mirror mounts on the wall over a stove so burners can be seen from a seated position. Adjustable to permit angling the mirror for the best vis- ibility. Fastens to the wall with one screw. Does not include brown frame. Measures 191⁄2”L x 151⁄2”W. Latex free.
3209 $78.79
Etac® Uni Turner.
Specially designed
to make it easier
to turn on the
water, open or
lock the door or
switch on the oven,
dishwasher or
washing machine.
Its comfortable handle allows both hands to be used. The hexagonal rods provide excel- lent grip and have many uses, thanks to the large grip area. Latex free.
6303 $18.20
PARSONS ORANGE: PANTONE 172 C=0, M=65, Y=83, K=0
Long Stove Knob Turner. For people who cannot grasp or turn the stove knob or reach over the hot pots. Lightweight alu- minum rod with no scratch epoxy coating and a large comfort grip for easy twisting action. 15” long.
081499227 $21.14
Push/Pull Helper. Lightweight, flat wooden stick with triangular notches is ideal for pulling or pushing oven racks or hot dishes. Twelve- inch length keeps the hand away from possible contact with hot surfaces. Latex free.
3016 $10.10
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