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                                   Clothing Protectors
        Quick Bib®.
A simpler, easier
and safer method
of protecting
clothing while
eating. Flexible, in-
jection molded “C”
shaped ring sewn into a comfortable collar, easily spreads open and has lasting memory. Because it slides on from the front, anyone with limited motion due to health or space is- sues can position it without having to reach around their neck.
Two attractive colors in print design
564143 Rose
564142 Navy
The poly/cotton
cover features a
waterproof barrier in
attractive print designs. The 173⁄4” x 36” size offers chest to lap protection. Easy to use hook and loop closure.
       Item No.
 Quick Bib, Medium, Navy Blue, 14”W x 25”L
 Quick Bib, Large, Navy Blue, 16”W x 26”L
  Quick Bib, XLarge, Navy Blue, 18”W x 27”L
Quick Bib, Medium, Forest Green, 14”W x 25”L
 Quick Bib, Large, Forest Green, 16”W x 26”L
  Quick Bib, XLarge, Forest Green, 18”W x 27”L
Quick Bib Vest, Large, Navy Blue
 Quick Bib Vest, XLarge, Navy Blue
 Quick Bib Vest, Large, Forest Green
  Quick Bib Vest, XLarge, Forest Green
  564142 Navy 564143 Rose
$18.75 $18.75
  Disposable Food Catcher. Convenient, lightweight, throw-away protectors tie comfortably behind the neck. Latex free. Package of 50.
1380 Adult, 16”W x 32”L, white disposable food
catcher $19.33
1381 Adult, 18”L x 16”W, white plastic, 4” trough
bottom prevents runoff. $19.80 081601756 Pack of 3 $52.75
Save $ money when you buy a pack of 3!
Soft Terry/Vinyl Food Catcher. A revers- ible, lightweight, 18” x 27” food catcher
of terry-cloth and polyurethane vinyl woven together. Flexible, to protect the body from spills. Machine washable. Won’t retain food odors. Easy to adjust with hook and loop closure. Latex free.
   1377 $14.37 081506989 Pack of 5
   Junior Bib. 100% cotton terry-cloth bib has a hook and loop closure for easy on and off. Bound edges for durable wear. Designed
for children age 4–12. Machine washable. Approx. 12”W by 20”L. Latex free.
1376 $13.15
Bandanna Clothing
Protector. For those who have
difficulty feeding themselves or
tend to drool. Breathable, 100% cotton with moisture-proof backing for secure protection. Hook & loop closure allows easy fastening. Measures 10” from mid-neck to tip of Bandanna and 141⁄2” across at widest points. In pink and navy. Latex free.
1383 Adult, Pink $23.25
138301 Adult, Navy $23.25
Terry Cloth Bib. Large pocket keeps dropped food from falling into lap. Generous neck opening has adjustable hook & loop closure. Vinyl backing won’t let spills seep through bib onto clothes. 171⁄2”W x 30”L. Machine washable. A897102 $13.98
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Save $ money when you buy a pack of 5!

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